Our Mission

Designing worldwide journeys for open minded travelers who appreciate the diversity of our global community and seek purpose driven adventure.  
‘Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense.’
— Pablo Coelho

Living Worldly is more than just a transformational idea: It’s a lifestyle. A commitment to Live Worldly means to look beyond cultures familiar to us, to embrace other parts of the world and their diverse communities. We encourage continual exploration so that each and every individual may better appreciate, respect and learn from those around us. We all share a collective human spirit and believe in the power of a more connected, global community.

Inspired by cultural exploration while on an Outward Bound trip to Australia and Fiji at the age of 15, our founder, Kael Robinson, began to establish her social impact consciousness with the creation of Live Worldly in 2011. Understanding that the fortunate circumstance of travel is not afforded to every individual, transformational travel for those who can, proved all the more important to Kael. Leading her to the conclusion that to Live Worldly is to travel with purpose and intention.

Our goal is to send guests home with a clean, clear, revitalized vision of just how beautiful our world can be. A vision that includes a respect for the unfamiliar, a passion to explore and understand the uncomfortable, and an appreciation of the rare and fortunate opportunity we’ve been given to see the world through a different lens. All the while taking small, yet powerful actions to incite change and give back to our global community.

While each Live Worldly trip is in its own way significant, combined, they coexist as part of a greater whole – A commitment to global connectivity. We can't be defined by a single trip or program. Instead, we are defined by our spirit of positive change through the practice of social impact travel. We embrace cultural differences, and in the process, help define it. Along the way, we hope to make our world, and all of her amazing and beautiful diversity, a little richer.







"The Live Worldly brand celebrates a life of inspiration, beauty, intrigue, compassion and hope, knowing that when these things come together, they have the power to transform the world."

- LW CEO & Founder       Kael Robinson