Giving Back: the Live Worldly Way 


What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others remains and is immortal.
— Albert Pine

Each day we have the opportunity to give back. Sometimes in a small way and sometimes a HUGE way. To our friends, our family, our local community and often even to those in other countries or on other continents! But the interconnectedness of our global community is so mind boggling that at times, we may become overwhelmed with the projects, programs, charities, non-profits, volunteer opportunities and all the many ways that are available for us to make a change. The chance to share our kindness and consideration however, shouldn't be overwhelming. 

Not only does Live Worldly want to offer you uniquely designed journeys to exotic places around the world and organized opportunities to connect with and share your love for humanity, but we want to encourage you to give back on your own, everyday, big or small, no matter where you are.


Please follow our Impact blogs to learn more about inspirational individuals, volunteerism and specific non-profits that we encourage you to visit while traveling on your own. We feature partner communities with whom we've worked and also make suggestions about those with whom we've yet to connect. We also highlight domestic projects and communities so that you may feel inspired to volunteer and give back to your local network of equally dedicated and inspirational individuals. All for the single purpose of spreading the idea that to Live Worldly is to take small, yet powerful actions to incite change and make our precious world a little richer. 



Living Worldly includes an appreciation for the rare and fortunate opportunity we’ve been given to see the world through a different lens. Giving us the chance to take small, yet powerful actions to incite change and give back to our global community.