Explore Indonesia: Jakarta

where to stay:

The Dharmawangsa: Take a step back in time to the 1920s in Jakarta when you stay at the luxury hotel. You’ll feel as if you’ve entered the colonial era when great by the butlers in black coattails at The Dharmawangsa.  Located a ways away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jakarta, this luxury hotel will allow you to have the needed peace and quiet after a day of exploring the city.  Spacious rooms and impeccable staff attention are just two ways the Dharmawangsa ensures you have an unforgettable experience in Indonesia. World-class restaurants on site (sushi from Japan and French cuisine) are perfect for those looking to stay close by for dinner.  Room fares begin at $299USD per night.  http://www.the-dharmawangsa.com/

Teduh Hostel: Located smack-dab in the center of the city, this is THE choice of backpackers traveling through Indonesia.  Modern, clean, and equipt with air conditioning- the Teduh Hostel has all the necessities for backpackers and a friendly, unbeatable environment.  They even have some traditional Indonesian musical instruments in the lobby for guests to play with and interact with other travelers from across the globe.  The cool, laidback vibe of the hostel helps travelers easily make friends with one another.  Dorm-style rooms with single and double “pods” available starting at $17 USD/night.  http://www.teduh-hostel.com/

where to eat:

Food Stalls at Menteng FTS: While much of the street food in Jakarta can be rough on the traveler’s stomach, the food stalls in the Menteng neighborhood are known for their cleanliness.  The perfect place for those adventurous eaters on vacation, looking for a taste of traditional Indo street food.  You’ll be able to eat an entire feast for the cost of hardly anything.  We recommend trying traditional dishes such as Martabak Manis (an Indonesian pancake), Padang Nasi Inka (fried chicken and curry), or the Sate Babi Manis (skewered sweet pork).   

Akira Back: This modern Japanese restaurant may seem a bit pricer than most places you’ll find in Jakarta, however the quality of food is that of what you’d find at an eatery in NYC or London.  Sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs at work or relax on a comfy couch while taking in the scenery of Akira Back.  The perfect place for those who are willing to pay more for consistently delicious fine dining.  We recommend trying the tuna pizza, black cod, or one of the many sushi dishes.  http://www.akiraback.com/home

Posted on June 1, 2015 .