Explore Indonesia: Ubud

where to stay:

Puri Gangga Resort: Experience Bali in true style and form while staying at the Puri Gangga, surround yourself with lush terraces and free yoga classes.  While the resort is located a bit away from central Ubud, they offer free transportation to and from the city center so that guests can also explore the ancient holy sites.  Pick from an array of charming rooms that overlook the green rainforest with large canopy beds.  The perfect place for city dwellers to relax and unwind while experiencing the unique biodiversity of Bali.  Room rates start at $81 USD/night.  http://www.puriganggaresort.com/

Alam Jiwa: A hidden gem in the rice paddies of Bali, this retreat is located a 15-minute walk from the center of Ubud and treats their guests like royalty.  Stay in a bungalow on this quiet retreat and enjoy the sounds of nature, all with the amenities of home.  While the WiFi may only work well in the reception area, this is the perfect place to turn off your electronics and enjoy the sounds of nature with your loved ones.  The retreat also offers delicious home-cooked food, most people specifically enjoy the Balinese-style.  Check it out here: http://www.alamindahbali.com/alam_jiwa.htm

where to eat:

Fair Warung Bale: This restaurant is a must when wanting to experience traditional Balinese dishes, such as prawn curry or vegetarian cashew stir-fry.  Fair Warung serves fresh, healthy food that you can enjoy from a rooftop terrace.  A fun, busy environment with friendly staff at the Fair Warung will fill up your bellies and prepare you for a night out partying.  But really the best part of it all is that a portion of the profits from this restaurant go to support health in the local community.  Check out one of the nonprofits they support at http://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/

Puteri Minang: One of the best places you’ll find in Ubud serving Padang-style food: spicy and self-serving (similar to a buffet).  Padang is becoming increasingly popular with tourists throughout Indonesia and we recommend you try it from here!  When you walk by Puteri Minang you’ll notice all the food is in the window, traditionally Balinese food is cooked in the morning and served at room temperature throughout the day.  So don’t be alarmed! This place has some seriously delicious dishes.  We recommend trying sambal prawns, deep-fried baby eels, spicy rendeng (coconut beef), or the jackfruit.  And quite cheap too!

Posted on June 14, 2015 .