Taking Your Trip to the Maximo Nivel

Cusco, Peru

Guest Blog Post by Caroline Daly

Have you ever had a student make you an absurd amount of paper jewelry?  Or how about an entire class of seven year olds knock you over with hugs?  Well this is what you get when you volunteer with Maximo Nivel in Cusco.

There's being a tourist, and then there's really getting to know a place.  After four months of volunteering in Cusco, Peru, I can assure you that volunteering is the best way to really experience a new city.  As a volunteer, you're privy to useful information about the city as well as people who have lived there for an extended period of time.  Even if you don't have long, volunteering gives you both a way to experience the local life and a way to give back.

Maximo offers a variety of programs to utilize your skills.  With projects in teaching English, caring for disabled children, construction, and childcare, there's something for everyone.  They even offer a jungle conservation program at the Chontachaka Reserve.  Don't worry if you're not sure what you want to do, Maximo is very flexible with trying out new programs.  Volunteers are housed in either homestays or volunteer houses.  Both options offer a great picture of peruvian life and many new friends.

None of the programs require Spanish speaking abilities, but you can supplement your onsite learning with lessons at the Maximo offices.  Classes are offered for students of all levels at very reasonable prices.  The company also doubles as an English language learning school so all volunteers and students have the opportunity to have a tandem partner to help them further their Spanish learning and Cusco exploration with a local.

Volunteering is by far the most rewarding way to travel.  It offers the best insight into a city while giving travelers the opportunity to give back to the cities that have taught them so much.  Interested in being a part of Cusco?  Check out the links below for volunteer options.

Volunteer through Maximo Nivel directly with included Spanish lessons!

Posted on January 23, 2015 .