Top Ways to Feed Your Wanderlust

1.     Read! Books are a great way to take you to another world and they have the ability to fill your mind with beautiful pictures and ideas!

2.     Plan a trip! If your wallet doesn’t allow you to go on a trip at this very moment, you can still take the time and plan your ideal vacation that you’ve been wanderlusting about forever!


3.      Explore your hometown! Chances are your hometown holds a lot more to it than just the routine stops you make on a weekly basis. Get out and explore what your town has to offer!

4.      Create a vision board! Surf the internet, flip through magazines, and take photos that inspire the inner travel bug! Put them on a vision board so every time you walk past your wanderlust is fed just a little!  We love using Pinterest, follow us on Pinterest at

5.      Prepare a foreign meal! Get in the kitchen and cook up a delicious meal from the country of your dreams! The tasteful aromas will spark a sense of adventure!

6.    Learn a new language! Take up a new tongue from a country you've been dying to visit! Chances are not only will you learn more about the culture, but you may meet people from there too! 

7. Build a travel playlist! Music has a the strong power to inspire, motivate, and energize.  Create a perfect travel playlist like this one on 8tracks.

Posted on June 16, 2015 .