Holiday Travel Hacks

Heading out of town this holiday season?  

More fun, less stress please.  Here's a few travel hacks we love to stay ahead of the headaches.


1.  Keep misplacing or damaging your breakables, such as glasses and/or jewelry?  Try wrapping them up and putting them in your shoes!  This provides an added layer of protection and keeps them in one place.  Toss your socks in there too.  Don't let that open space go unused...


2.  We all know how our smartphone can sometimes bring us to a grinding halt.  Data limits, dead battery, no good.  Hitting the road?  Screenshot your travel directions and turn off location services.  This can give your battery that extra juice it needs to get you through a long day.  


3.  Leaving the cold behind for something more tropical?  Bring your sunscreen!  Buying this in the US can save you some extra cash down the road.  This goes for bug spray as well...  


4.  Yup.  You forgot your wall plug for your phone charger.  It's cool.  Check for a USB port in the back of a TV.


5.  We're all trying to save money on flights... spending hours comparing times, prices, connections, etc.  Don't forget to price check two one-way flights.  Sometimes you can take advantage of some pretty great deals, even if you have to book them on separate occasions.


6.  When shopping for flights, enable private browsing by going incognito.  Travel sites often track your visits and will often raise prices based on your location.  Clearing your cache and browsing history can help as well. 


7.  Suitcases are cumbersome, no matter how savvy the traveler.  Make life easier by packing your heavier items closest to the wheels of your suitcase.  This makes it easier to roll and can also help defeat the oh-so-annoying tipping over.


8.  Want to be a hero?  Pay it forward by bringing a power strip.    


In the spirit of love and gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Live Worldly! 



Posted on November 23, 2016 .