Wanderlust for Kenya: Hell's Gate National Park

what to see:

Hell's Gate Gorge: 

The gorge that runs through the heart of the park is a wide valley lined with sheer, rusty-hued rock walls. At the eastern entrance is Fischer’s Tower, a 25m-high volcanic column named after Gustav Fischer, a German explorer who reached the gorge in 1882. 

All through this valley you’ll come across zebras, the occasional giraffe, warthogs and various antelope species, while birds of prey circle overhead. The site undergoes sporadic geothermal excavations, so entrance to the gorge may be limited at times. We recommend getting a guide, as the gorge can get wet and slippery at times.  

Buffalo Circuit:

A track looping from the south from close to the main Elsa gate, you can climb up and over the hills before rejoining the main valley. En route, you’ll have some outstanding views of Mt Longonot, and there’s generally more wildlife here, including giraffes, various antelope species and the odd buffalo or two. The Buffalo Circuit would be a fairly strenuous walk or cycle, but it’s accessible by 2WD vehicle, except after heavy rain.

what to do:

Cycle: Renting bicycles is one of the best ways you can get around the park, as it covers an area of over 26 miles.  The park does not have any predators, so those on bike feel quite safe while taking in the sights.  Perfect for active travelers who want to have an adventurous method of viewing all the wildlife in the park.

who to tour with: 

Urban Adventures: Get ready for a full 10-hour day exploring Hell's Gate National Park, with a pick-up time of 7 a.m., bird watching, and a visit to the Elsamere Conservation Center.  Don't forget your camera! Urban Adventures will take you to some of the best spots to snap a photo of the gorgeous wildlife inside the park.  And fuel up midday with some local cuisine, native to the Hell's Gate area.  For more information and booking, click here http://www.urbanadventures.com/nairobi-tour-hells-gate-national-park



Posted on October 19, 2015 .