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Meet The Team

Kael Robinson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kael created Live Worldly in 2008 so that she could bring together her passions for travel, fashion, and helping others. It started with the discovery of Brazilian wish bracelets which she began importing after a family trip to Argentina. Following the success of Brazilets, Kael started importing many products from Brazil and in 2010 she expanded into a number of countries and changed the company’s name to Live Worldly. A true entrepreneur, Kael has done it all from traveling across the globe to source new products to tying thousands of tags on bracelets for hours at a time. These days, she is focused on sourcing unique new products, refining the Live Worldly brand, and cultivating strategic partnerships with vendors, retailers, and non-profits around the world.

Kael grew up in Philadelphia, played lacrosse at Roanoke University, and graduated from University of Denver with a major in Public Relations and Communications and a minor in Design. Before founding Live Worldly she worked at Vera Wang, Sara Campbell, Saks Fifth Avenue and in fashion PR. Her favorite travel destination is back to Brazil, where the company originated, and she would most like to travel to Burma to find new products and share their rich culture with the world. Besides her passion for travel, Kael loves to play sports including golf, tennis, football, pilates, yoga, and biking. She also loves denim, neon, and day planners.


Margaux Viola
Chief Operating Officer

Margaux handles the company’s business operations which includes oversight of the website, strategic partnerships, and importing the products from around the world. With a hand in finance and marketing, she enjoys the strategic aspects of business along with the creativity in developing the Live Worldly brand. Before joining Live Worldly, Margaux was the Community Development Manager at TeamSnap, a Boulder-based technology company, and an Associate at BlackRock with the wealth management and government relations groups.

Margaux grew up in Philadelphia and graduated with honors from Cornell University where she was an All-American lacrosse player. Her favorite travel destination is to the Mediterranean and she would most like to visit Lebanon. Outside of Live Worldly, Margaux enjoys traveling, cooking, live music, and playing sports including golf, football, volleyball, and yoga. She also loves puns, chocolate, and plans to rollerblade an inline skating marathon.


Andrea Perdomo
Account Manager


Kate Woodard
Financial Administrator

About Us

We recognize that we all share a collective, human spirit and believe in the power of a more connected, global community. While each item we bring to our patrons is significant, standing on its own, they all coexist as part of a greater whole - the Live Worldly brand. We can't be defined in a single style or fashion trend. Instead, we're defined in our spirit. Live Worldly helps our customers pursue passions and meaning by celebrating who they are as individuals. We discover and then share. We offer new perspectives and challenge perceptions. We embrace culture, and in the process, help define it. And along the way, we hope to make our world, and all of the amazing cultural character within it, a little richer.