Explore India: Udaipur

where to stay:

Mewar Haveli:  This hotel is located in the heart of the city with breathtaking views of the Lake Pichola, the Mewar Haveli hotel is a fantastic choice for those on a budget.  Starting at $31 USD a night.  Not only is there free wifi in common areas and private bathrooms, but also air conditioning in all the rooms for those almost unbearably hot days.http://www.mewarhaveli.com/

Mewargarh Palace: A family run guesthouse with sweeping views of the city’s palaces and lakes from the rooftop.  The extremely helpful owners, Rezwan and Farheen, will help you with anything- from booking tickets to train station pickup.  Praised for their tidy, clean rooms and hot showers.  Room prices beginning at $5 USD pp/night.  http://www.mewargarhpalace.com/

where to eat:

Millets of Mewar: A non-traditional lunch spot in Udaipur, Millets of Mewar is for the health-conscious and also budget-conscious. Fresh food is on the menu from Indian street food staples to Italian pastas.  This restaurant is devoted to being environmentally responsible by using only local and organic products that strives to be a zero-waste facility.  http://milletsofmewar.com/

Lal Bagh: This restaurant boasts to be one of the first to focus on the use of organic ingredients with a variety of international cuisine.  Take your pick of Chinese, Italian, or stick with the local Punjabi cuisine.  Have a seat on the romantic, peaceful patio during dinner.  We recommend the Laal Maans, a less-fiery (but still vibrant) red curry with lamb and typically served with rice and naan bread.   http://www.lalbagh.in/

who to tour with:

Ibex Expeditions: Started in the year 1979 by Mandip and Anita Singh Soin, Ibex Expeditions has been offering customized, luxury tours throughout India for decades.  Ibex offers every adventure sport under the sun from trekking to rafting to jeep safaris, as well as offering eco tours through national parks in India.  Virtually any wild dream you can conjure up in your mind, Ibex can make it happen for you.  Not only are tours with Ibex a unique and one of a kind adventure, but also offers intimate, cultural experiences for the worldly traveler. Their pledge to responsible travel and environmental consciousness make them unlike any other tour agency you'll ever encounter.  Recipient of National Geographic's Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth in 2009.  Check them out at  http://www.ibexexpeditions.com/ to plan your next incredible adventure.


Posted on March 6, 2015 .