In 2008, Kael Robinson started Live Worldly as a way to share Brazil’s wonderful Brazilet wish bracelets and Sorte protective necklaces with the rest of the world. In fact, she was inspired to bring the rest of the world these miraculous items because from the first ruby Brazilet she wore her wishes came true!

Along with Brazilets bringing you wishes, Brazilets is also committed to planting trees in Brazil’s rainforests as a way of giving back (for more information, see Plant A Billion Trees). Through the power of positive Karma, Live Worldly products are being embraced throughout North America and abroad. They have quickly become one of the most popular, fashionable ways of making a difference in our world while reinforcing the hopes and dreams of their wearer.

Live Worldly products have been hand-picked to bring you a new perspective on different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Each product has its own unique story and has been hand-picked to help bring a perspective to the country’s unique culture, traditions and beliefs. Live Worldly also donates a portion of the proceeds from all sales to global charities!

“May our products bring you good luck, protection, and wishes fulfilled!”