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It’s that time of year again - and my personal favorite holiday, The 4th of July! If you’re like me, you’ve probably already pulled out your dusty BBQ, planned a patriotic dinner menu, stocked up on your favorite fireworks, and planned to go to the nearest pool/beach for this festive day. But after all of your perfect planning is through you’re left wondering, “What can I wear to make a statement this holiday?” Don’t fret, here at Live Worldly we have you covered! We have an entire Fourth of July section of patriotic swag to get you decked out this Thursday. Here are two of my favorite items we’re featuring:


My personal favorite accessory is our Fourth of July Patriot Pack! In this pack of Brazilets you receive Ruby Red, Snow White, and Ocean Blue. In fact, I have two patriotic packs wrapped around my left wrist now (and I’m surprising my best friend with a pack tomorrow because she was so envious of my decked out wrist). They look beautiful wrapped around, almost like a small American flag wrapped around your wrist. Since I put them on yesterday, people have been stopping me asking where to get them, these Brazilets really make quite the statement. They can make an unique pop to any outfit you decide to wear.

Whether you’re going to a neighbor’s house to celebrate, or a bonfire on the beach - you need a purse to carry around your beach towel, camera, sunblock, and of course your makeup bag!


This Live American Flag Purse is absolutely perfect to carry around with you on the 4th! It’s big enough to fit a lot of things inside, yet light weight - so it won’t slow down your celebrating! This handmade straw bag has an American flag embroidered on the side, the ideal purse to show off your patriotic spirit.

With these two accessories on your arm this holiday, you will be sure to make a splash at whatever celebration you attend. I’ll be rocking both of these amazing patriotic goodies next week, will you?

Have a happy 4th ya’ll!