Live Brazilian Nyla BagWith leather like butter, the Live Brazilian Nyla bags are a clear favorite of our Spring Line. The beautifully soft and clean shape of each bag is finished with a sturdy handle wrapped in alternating swatches of fabric and accented with gold.

Looking to create a unique handbag, founder and fashion designer, Júlia, intertwined an old scarf inherited from her grandmother with colorful threads and wool. The creation came out so good, that the very first time she used the bag, dozens of people ordered it. Since then, Júlia and her associate Fernando have been imprinting their personality and passion for art on all creations. The designs are marked by the intricate combinations of fabrics, colors and textures. With a gypsy folk touch, their pieces transmit sophistication as well as simplicity. The duo balances the feminine world of handbags and accessories with influences of ethnic designs and pyrographs of fire and sword, thus creating unique and timeless pieces.

Live Brazilian Nyla Bag in BrownSupported by a team of three craftsmen and two embroiderers, each piece is patiently handcrafted with noble materials. They use exotic leathers, fabrics mined worldwide, high quality hardware, beads, bones and amulets carved by local indigenous people which are all combined to create limited edition pieces.

A portion of proceeds from this item is dedicated to conserving the Brazilian Rainforest through the Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees Project, which is an unprecedented major restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008 to restore 1 million acres of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.