CoindBraceletsThaiIn the busy streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand there is a magical feeling the Thai culture gives you as you walk through the flower markets, tented markets and night bazaars.

One of my favorite products found on our adventure to Thailand is the lucky coin bracelet known as the Live Thai Feng Shui Bracelets. They were discovered at a local night bazaar where an old man sat at a stand next to them. I was immediately drawn to them for their unique style but became hooked after I heard their story and the story of the man who made them. These bracelets are made of brass replicas of Chinese coins, and believed to bring wealth and success to all who wear them. The gentleman shared with me that he makes the bracelets to put food on the table and send his four children to school.


In Thai culture, coins represent good luck and these handmade pieces are equally fun and fashionable. Whether you could use some luck with wealth and success, or are just in need of some fresh arm candy, the Feng Shui bracelets are some of our new favorites! blackcoin