Over the weekend Princess Madeleine of Sweden married her love, US Banker Chris O’Neill in a lavish ceremony attended by glitterati from all over the world.

She wore a Valentino gown– and tucked under her priceless diamond cuff was one very special accessory.  A Brazilet ($5) from our exclusive Brazilet collection in green – a color that signifies new beginnings and harmony. This delicate bracelet was wrapped around her wrist and knotted three times.  A 200-year old Brazilian tradition of good fortune, believers of this custom wrap a Brazilet around their wrist, making three knots while making three wishes.


When it falls off, it is believed that the wearer’s wishes will come true.  We think the Princess probably wished for love, harmony, and world peace – wouldn’t you?

Princess Madeleine chose a Brazilian Wish Bracelet in Lime Green – she wore the Brazilet not only for her wedding, but also for a number of official portraits in recent weeks. The green hue is fresh and vibrant – the color of nature, harmony, healing, and new beginnings. Lime Green is a playful color that is associated with spring time and renewal.

Princess2Not only does this Lime Green Brazilet bring inspiring new wishes and fresh starts for the wearer - but it also truly brings new beginnings to the Brazilian rain forests.  A portion of the proceeds from each Brazilet sold is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rain forests through the Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees project.