Today we are launching our 4th sale event with TopFloor, a video-driven e-commerce platform. What makes TopFloor unique? They handpick brands and products enabling customers to discover and share while earning rewards. They offer a frictionless shopping experience from social media sites leveraging the uniqueness of each platform, rather than a one-size-fits all solution. For example, as one of a handful of companies approved by Twitter Media Cards, TopFloor can share embedded videos  through their feed allowing users to discover and purchase. Similarly, they utilize YouTube’s annotations to add hyperlinks directly into their product videos. They are the closest thing we’ve seen to one-click social purchase technology, something that all e-commerce brands are striving for.

Beyond cool technology, we’re excited to be working with TopFloor because of their incredible team. Like us, they are small and nimble and have great visions for growth. Co-founded by Science Incubator’s Michael Jones and Shoedazzle founder Brian Lee, TopFloor is testing ways to monetize the social following of brands and celebrities, a market of enormous potential. The founders have turned the reigns over to former MySpace head of international operations Rebekah Horne as TopFloor’s CEO and Nancy Lyczkowski as Merchandise Director.

Over the few weeks working with TopFloor we have found there is an interesting reoccurring theme across the leadership team and the brands they are representing on their website -  a powerful community of smart, and confident women. And that is certainly something that we can get on board with.

Today’s sale features charming accessories from beautiful Brazil filled with good fortune including Decenario bundles in an array of tropical colors as well as our favorite Sorte Necklaces that promise luck and protection. The sale ends on Friday, but stay tuned for an upcoming sale of our exclusive Beleza Necklaces. Straight from the beaches of beautiful Rio De Janeiro the Beleza line is hand made of banana fibers, fastens with acai seeds and comes in an exotic spectrum of colors.