Live Worldly is proud to announce the launch of our Brand Ambassador Program. Our Brand Ambassadors are a group of handpicked driven students from across the continent participating in making our world a better place. These students are given five Brazilets to begin selling and promoting Live Worldly within their own community. After they sell these Brazilets, we continue to give them more merchandise to sell, gradually creating their own business on their local campus! Not only are they experiencing what it’s like to run their own business and make actual sales, but this experience goes towards their degree (they earn college credit), adds to their resume, and could potentially earn a killer letter of recommendation!


So far we have accepted twelve students from both the US and Canada, and we are still accepting more applications!

We’re looking for leaders on college campuses who are motivated, competitive, and want to have fun representing an amazing fashion company that gives back. With that said, do you see yourself as an inspiring entrepreneur with a savvy business sense? Do you love fashion and want to learn more about the industry? Do you want to be a part of something bigger and help create a better world for generations to come? If you think you possess these qualities, we want you on our team as one of our Brand Ambassadors.

Check us out at www.liveworldly.com or find us on Facebook. If you think you’d be interested in being a part of our stellar team, look over all of the qualifications and details at http://www.liveworldly.com/become-a-brand-ambassador/ and send us your resume to info@liveworldly.com

Here’s to a life full of inspiration and beauty, join us as we continue to Live Worldly. We look forward to hearing from you!