Asian-Elephant-01While in Thailand I went and volunteered for a day at The Elephant Conservation Center and Hospital. We were able to watch elephants paint and do tricks as well as ride them through the jungle and rivers. It was one of the most magical days I have ever had in my life. I met a baby elephant who was only two weeks old, he was so incredibly tiny that it was hard for me to comprehend how big they grow up to be! All of the elephants at the conservation center have been rescued due to either health issues and injuries, or their former owners could no longer take care of them.


The Elephant Conservation Center is also only one of ten elephant hospitals in the world that rescues elephants injured by land mines. I was amazed that these courageous animals can actually wear casts on their legs and walk on them.
elephantsMy entire experience at the The Elephant Conservation Center was life changing. The day I spent there really opened my eyes to how much needs to be done to continue to save these beautiful creatures. Seeing these inspiring animals continue to thrive despite their hardships motivated me to want to help in any way I could. With every purchase you make from the Live Thai Collection, a proceed of the sale goes to this incredible non-profit to help treat Asian Elephants for everything from illnesses, gunshot wounds, logging accidents, and land mines.
The Elephant Conservation Center has saved over 1,000 elephants out of 30,000 living in all of Asia. They continue to save more and more elephants every year, and with our help they can continue to do so for many more years to come.

Here is a video of the elephants dancing during our visit to the Conservancy. After one began dancing, the other elephants began to join in all around us. It was incredible - enjoy!