Pattern behaviorA pattern as a noun is defined as repeated decorative design, as a verb it means to decorate with a recurring design.

Pattern behavior is defined by this StyleEye, as a way to decorate your person in as many recurring designs as the eye can handle…to the point of obnoxious! Seriously!

The concept of personal expression through your clothes and accessories is a historic practice that I believe should always be exercised to the fullest. In this moment of style-time, patterns give fashionistas a current and unique opportunity to dress out loud.

I have three rules for pattern behavior:

1. The more the merrier! Honestly!

2. With the above rule in mind, keep pattern-layering within a sensical color story.

3. Anchor your layered patterns with a base color that is featured in said patterns.

Think of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, in it’s purest form it’s a collection of patterns that live in a beautiful color story. Together these patterns create the impression of something magical!

Pattern behavior is the same concept without the tortured artist/suicide bit…This dressing technique is avant-garde, sometimes silly and always creative! What more could you want from your outfit? (nothing).

Items used in our shoot can be found here:

Live Brazilian Ipanema Beach Bag

Live Kenyan Wrap Skirt

Live Brazilian Bonfim Sarong

Live Madagascar Striped Sun Hat

Live Nigerian Hobo Bag