Ever heard the phrase “Suns out! Guns out?” We say, suns out, hats on!

Hats are not only functional, keeping that sun away from the skin, but they can be outfit-altering!

We tend to think that here’s a general angst among woman about rockin’ hats off the beach, well, we’re here to tell you that hats are the worldliest fashion accessory right now!

If your feeling like a brim basket case let us put you at ease with a quick face-shape guide for hats:

Lean looking faces are balanced with wide brims and volume! So that large brim Live Madagascar Heather Hat, is right up your alley!

If your an egg head like me, or have fuller face that lacks those high, Swedish cheek bones, a great topper is one with some straight lines and geometry. We suggest the Live Madagascar Cowboy Hat or Live Brazilian Fedora Hat.

Strong square jaw lines need a style that softens, may we suggest a rounder shape like Live Madagascar Mingle hat.

Oval faced gals are only limited to a hat that strikes their fancy, as they can sport just about anything that comes out of a millinery shop! View our great collection of toppers here!

So hat’s ON our worldly friends!

Sun damage and under accessorizing are considered complete summer fashion faux pas! Both can be avoided by a dope hat!