Here at Live Worldly we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new crowdfunding campaign with Moola Hoop! We need to raise $25,000 to invest in inventory for our newest collection out of Kenya, and to make the necessary website improvements to support our platform and improve our customers’ overall experience.Anything over our goal will enable us to invest in our next country and to share another piece of culture. With your support, we will reach more countries, discover new products, and most importantly, help more people around the world. 

We want you to be a part of our story. We’ve recently had the privilege of connecting with an artisan named Sammy, our newest vendor out of Kenya, who operates a jewelry making business in Nairobi.


We have hand-selected the pieces for our next collection (they’re fashionable, fierce, AND they represent unique parts of vibrant Kenyan culture). We’ve also partnered with Olepolos Primary School to ensure the proceeds from each sale are going back to one of the most pressing issues that Kenya faces - the education of a younger generation.

Help us to support this younger generation by investing in the inventory for our newest Kenyan collection and funding the necessary website enhancements that will enable our business to grow. With your help we can further connect with and help cultures around the world.

Sammy has been beading and creating jewelry since childhood, when his mother taught him to make use of horn, cow, and camel bone to sell pieces to passing tourists in their scenic town. Using those same materials, the Semat Collection, based out of Nairobi, Kenya, aims to achieve empowerment through creativity.display-3.php

Sammy now owns a small workshop in Ngong where he employs community members who participate in the beading work. He does this by reaching out to Kenyan men and women from marginalized communities who have talent but lack the necessary resources to change their lives. His workshop helps them break free from the cycle of drug use, cattle rustling, robbery, and prostitution that exists in these communities ultimately keeping them from reaching their full potential.

A portion of proceeds from every sale of the Kenyan collection is dedicated to supporting the Olepolos Primary School in the Ngong division of Nairobi, Kenya. The school has 240 students with the majority traveling far distances from their homes, up 10km away. This means that they start the journey to school by 4:30 AM to reach school on time. Due to the long distance, the students are at a severe risk of being attacked by wild animals as they walk through the forests and rocky areas on their journey. Moreover, girls are at an even greater risk due to the increasing frequency of rape in Kenyan society.

Olepolos has nine teachers to oversee the entire student population. Aside from limited resources, the school faces a number of significant challenges, including:

• Lack of water
• Lack of electricity
• Lack of reading materials
• High drop out rates among boys and girls
• Delayed school enrollment due to the long distance and need for children to work

display-2.phpBeyond supporting Sammy and his workshop of artisans, your contribution will also support Olepolos Primary School. The fees for a primary school student are approximately $65 which includes school uniform, books, and pens. For a secondary school student, the cost is about $350 or more. Due to the high cost of education, many youth are forced to drop out of because their parents cannot afford to pay the fees. This is a self-perpetuating cycle because most of the parents are not educated and therefore have no source of income apart from livestock and beadwork.

The money will go to buying additional food for the kids and bringing closer access to clean water (it is currently 20km away). With more money, the school will be able to further support the teachers and invest in reading and writing materials.

Join us in changing the world. Check out our campaign at, and learn more about what you can do to support our cause. With your help, we can support Sammy and his employees, the Olepolos Primary School, and create a new collection to share with all of you. Today, we can change the world together. Together we can all Live Worldly.