JOY to Living Worldly- 25% off SALE

As we are always trying to look for new awesome companies to partner up with, Given Goods jumped off the page at first glance. We love their passion for change, global consciousness, and last, but definitely not least, their style!  In their words, Given Goods is a “marketplace that encourages social change and the buy-to-give movement by delivering carefully curated products made by ambitious brands that benefit causes around the world.” What more could Live Worldly want in a partner?

While we share the same inspiration to give customers a meaningful experience while purchasing products that result in charitable contributions, we also share the philosophy that we are capable of making a global impact. From jewelry and handbags to dog beds and skin care products, Given Goods is a versatile company that carries a variety of products. Make sure to check out the site for great, nifty ideas for Christmas gifts! Example A; how awesome would this bamboo i phone cover be for a stocking stuffer-  Let us know what you think!

Als0, make sure to check out their “Good Graph”. This tool allows customers to observe whether their purchases go towards health, the environment, education, or economic development and also the location. Let’s see where all that good of yours is going…