Win A Live Tibetan Khata Scarf and Support Clean Water!

Be a part of our Climb the Mountain to Clean Water campaign with Challenge21 and Water for People and win cool pieces from Tibet and India! Over the month of February, if you make a donation to Water For People via our WFP fundraising page, we’ll enter your name in the giveaway. Enter now with your donation (every dollar donated qualifies you for one entry, $5 = 5 entries!).

This week we are giving away a Protection Cord Necklace and Silk Khata Scarf from our Live Tibetan line. Protection cords are worn to bring you good luck and protection throughout the journeys and adventures in life. Our Tibetan Buddhist protection cords are sourced from Nepal and have been blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist lama. By tradition, mountain climbers receive one before any major expedition in the Himalayas.

Jake Norton of Challenge21 has been wearing protection cords since 1996 and is currently donning three of them. In preparation for his trip, we wanted to give Jake all of the luck and protection that we could. The photo below shows Jake and his wife Wende proudly sporting their newest protection cords with Live Worldly’s Kael Robinson.

Having spent the day acclimating at the base of La Malinche, Jake is scheduled to begin his climb of Pico de Orizaba, the third largest peak in North America, tomorrow. Learn more about Jake’s mission with Challenge 21 and stay tuned for updates! A percentage of proceeds from our Protection Cords are always donated to the Challenge21 campaign, helping to bring clean water and sanitation to countries worldwide.