• Be A Part Of Our Story!

    Here at Live Worldly we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new crowdfunding campaign with Moola Hoop! We need to raise $25,000 to invest in inventory for our newest collection out of Kenya, and to make the necessary website improvements to support our platform and improve our customers’ overall experience.Anything over our goal will enable us to invest in our next country and to share another piece of culture. With your support, we will reach more countries, discover new products, and most importantly, help more people around the world. 

    We want you to be a part of our story. We’ve recently had the privilege of connecting with an artisan named Sammy, our newest vendor out of Kenya, who operates a jewelry making business in Nairobi.


    We have hand-selected the pieces for our next collection (they’re fashionable, fierce, AND they represent unique parts of vibrant Kenyan culture). We’ve also partnered with Olepolos Primary School to ensure the proceeds from each sale are going back to one of the most pressing issues that Kenya faces - the education of a younger generation.

    Help us to support this younger generation by investing in the inventory for our newest Kenyan collection and funding the necessary website enhancements that will enable our business to grow. With your help we can further connect with and help cultures around the world.

    Sammy has been beading and creating jewelry since childhood, when his mother taught him to make use of horn, cow, and camel bone to sell pieces to passing tourists in their scenic town. Using those same materials, the Semat Collection, based out of Nairobi, Kenya, aims to achieve empowerment through creativity.display-3.php

    Sammy now owns a small workshop in Ngong where he employs community members who participate in the beading work. He does this by reaching out to Kenyan men and women from marginalized communities who have talent but lack the necessary resources to change their lives. His workshop helps them break free from the cycle of drug use, cattle rustling, robbery, and prostitution that exists in these communities ultimately keeping them from reaching their full potential.

    A portion of proceeds from every sale of the Kenyan collection is dedicated to supporting the Olepolos Primary School in the Ngong division of Nairobi, Kenya. The school has 240 students with the majority traveling far distances from their homes, up 10km away. This means that they start the journey to school by 4:30 AM to reach school on time. Due to the long distance, the students are at a severe risk of being attacked by wild animals as they walk through the forests and rocky areas on their journey. Moreover, girls are at an even greater risk due to the increasing frequency of rape in Kenyan society.

    Olepolos has nine teachers to oversee the entire student population. Aside from limited resources, the school faces a number of significant challenges, including:

    • Lack of water
    • Lack of electricity
    • Lack of reading materials
    • High drop out rates among boys and girls
    • Delayed school enrollment due to the long distance and need for children to work

    display-2.phpBeyond supporting Sammy and his workshop of artisans, your contribution will also support Olepolos Primary School. The fees for a primary school student are approximately $65 which includes school uniform, books, and pens. For a secondary school student, the cost is about $350 or more. Due to the high cost of education, many youth are forced to drop out of because their parents cannot afford to pay the fees. This is a self-perpetuating cycle because most of the parents are not educated and therefore have no source of income apart from livestock and beadwork.

    The money will go to buying additional food for the kids and bringing closer access to clean water (it is currently 20km away). With more money, the school will be able to further support the teachers and invest in reading and writing materials.

    Join us in changing the world. Check out our campaign at www.moola-hoop.com, and learn more about what you can do to support our cause. With your help, we can support Sammy and his employees, the Olepolos Primary School, and create a new collection to share with all of you. Today, we can change the world together. Together we can all Live Worldly.

  • Live Brazilian Bonfim Sarong


    Check us out! Betty Confidential named our Live Brazilian Bonfim Sarong as one of their 12 favorite “Beachy Summer Cover-Ups!”! Our Bonfim Sarong matches any bathing suit, adding a pop of color to your swimming attire. Get yours today just in time for the hottest months to come! And be sure to check out Betty Confidential, especially their article featuring our Sarong!

    Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.22.02 PM

  • Check Us Out!

    Live Worldly was mentioned in 002houston Magazine in their article Things I Love - July!002_cover002_wide

  • Princess Madeleine’s Nuptial Brazilet


    Over the weekend Princess Madeleine of Sweden married her love, US Banker Chris O’Neill in a lavish ceremony attended by glitterati from all over the world.

    She wore a Valentino gown– and tucked under her priceless diamond cuff was one very special accessory.  A Brazilet ($5) from our exclusive Brazilet collection in green – a color that signifies new beginnings and harmony. This delicate bracelet was wrapped around her wrist and knotted three times.  A 200-year old Brazilian tradition of good fortune, believers of this custom wrap a Brazilet around their wrist, making three knots while making three wishes.


    When it falls off, it is believed that the wearer’s wishes will come true.  We think the Princess probably wished for love, harmony, and world peace – wouldn’t you?

    Princess Madeleine chose a Brazilian Wish Bracelet in Lime Green – she wore the Brazilet not only for her wedding, but also for a number of official portraits in recent weeks. The green hue is fresh and vibrant – the color of nature, harmony, healing, and new beginnings. Lime Green is a playful color that is associated with spring time and renewal.

    Princess2Not only does this Lime Green Brazilet bring inspiring new wishes and fresh starts for the wearer - but it also truly brings new beginnings to the Brazilian rain forests.  A portion of the proceeds from each Brazilet sold is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rain forests through the Nature Conservancy’s Plant A Billion Trees project.

  • Hey! Check it out! We were featured in Travel and Leisure!




  • Check out our Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace in Amica Magazine



  • Our New Live Indian Elephant Scarf Featured in Accessories Magazine



  • Our Infinity Bracelets Featured in Pregnancy and Newborn!


    Layout 1

  • Our Brazilets in Pregnancy and Newborn!

  • Our Indonesian Gold Mettle Cord Necklace in Essence this month!

    This beautiful handmade, fair trade mettle necklace is made from recycled bombshell metal and recycled lucite. Bridging the gap between design-driven pieces and fair trade ethics, it was produced in Cambodia by a non-profit, income-generating and training project owned by its members. The necklace is 19″ in length.

  • Kael Robinson in Entrepreneur Magazine this month!

    “My hope was that if agents saw that this was a good cause, that would have a positive influence on the celebrity.”- Kael Robinson

  • Argentine Black Stud Purse in People Magazine!

    Make sure to check out our eco friendly Argentine Black Stud Purse in People Magazine this month! The Black Stud Purse is made of handmade organic leather and designed specifically for the trend setter. It’s perfect for a night on the town with a leather fringe tassel cinched closure around the top. It has one main compartment and one inside zip pocket. The single gold chain shoulder strap has a 22″ drop. 7″ x 6″ x 5″. A portion of proceeds goes to the Nature Conservancy to protect Argentina’s grasslands. Did we mention it was eco friendly?

  • The People Behind the Products






    In today’s consumer culture, we operate on an international market more than ever before. I’m not just talking about the world’s superpowers like China, Japan, or Great Britain, but countries you may have never heard of; these are also involved in the world trade and they’re vying for our attention as trade associates as well as competition. Two of our recent partners, the Women’s Bean Project, based right out of Denver, and Seeds to Sew International, are making use of a creative and consumer-appealing marketing tool that uses something creative in their packaging: attaching a card with the name of the person who handcrafted your piece of jewelry or assembled your gift basket to connect you, as the consumer with the product’s creator. I think it’s really important for people to make connections, especially with those they may not have the chance to interact with otherwise.  In the last decade we have completely changed the way we interact with each other – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few. However, there is such a disconnect between Americans and those that make products sold in America from other countries. We imagine some far-off place with workshops and nameless employees making our winter coats, beaded bracelets, or new leather crossbody bag. Or maybe what’s more sad is that we don’t think about them at all.

    Giving a name, a face, and a story behind each product created is what we, Westerners need in order to feel good about making an international purchase – to see someone in a small village in Africa, India, or the Middle East and knowing that we, in some way, are helping them financially. It’s a great marketing strategy that combines social interaction with an element of empathy and is simply a way to connect our consumers with the people that handmade our products. But does it really have to come to this to make us think of someone besides ourselves? We all didn’t study International Relations or Global Policy, but to think that the only countries that have cultural value are the ones with billion dollar GDPs is not only ignorant but completely untrue.

    If tagging every item imported from a foreign country with details of its creator including a picture is what it takes to open up our eyes and God forbid, relate to someone unlike ourselves, to wake up our visual-minded senses, then maybe it needs to become common practice. I lived abroad for over a year in a developing country who relies on foreign aid as much as they rely on the rain for their crops. When I see the tags from Women’s Bean Project or hear a story about a single mom from Seeds to Sew, weaving baskets by hand to support her six children, I think of Anshata, Tene, Korotoumu. I think of the beautiful family and friends who I had the privilege of living and working alongside and learning from. I’m lucky because I already have names and faces. We, at Live Worldly, hope to share some culture, experiences, and a few stories and faces with our customers who could use with a little eye opening. We aim to share that, to learn about each other.

    By: Lauren Hershey, Intern at Live Worldly

  • Live Worldly at Travel and Leisure + Global Bazaar

    On the agenda for this week, Live Worldly heads to New York for the 2012 Travel and Leisure + Global Bazaar event from September 28- 30. As this weekend is the chance to experience and tour different parts of the world all in the city of New York, Live Worldly fits the mold as a vendor.  As the philosophy of Live Worldly is to celebrate and embrace different cultures from across the globe, Travel and Leisure + Global Bazaar accomplishes this through a weekend bursting full of music, food, and shopping for international products.  This event not only brings to life the beauty and richness of other cultures, but also further encourages interaction with the world outside of ours. This philosophy is illustrated well in Live Worldly’s mission -Be part of something bigger.

    As this weekend’s festivities will be packed full of cultural performances, live music, wine and food tastings from around the globe, Live Worldly embraces the experiential shopping aspect.  Therefore, Live Worldly will once again receive the opportunity to recognize that we all share a collective, human spirit and believe in the power of a more connected, global community through this years Travel and Leisure + Global Bazaar event.  Many photographs of the weekend’s memories to come!

  • Women's Health Loves Brazilets!

    As a team of athletes, one of our favorite magazines here at Live Worldly is Women’s Health. So you can imagine we were thrilled to have Brazilets featured in the September issue. Make sure to check out the article (and not just for our self-promotion) which is all about training for a half-marathon. Fashion and fitness… two of our faves!

  • Beleza Necklace Makes Oprah's Great Buys of the Week

    So here at Live Worldly, we are proud to have our Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace on Oprah’s Great Buys of the Week!

    Check it out at http://www.oprah.com/gift/Bib-Necklace_1?editors_pick_id=31508

    Made in Brazil, this fine mixture of natural and synthetic fibers in even proportions, results in strong as well as delicate jewelry in amazing colors. In an artwork that takes nearly a decade to master, skilled hands arrange the threads in a dance of color, transforming the fibers, seeds, polyester and neoprene into pieces of art. Each item is 100% handcrafted, made with all the richness of nature, using seeds of a Brazilian fruit called Acai, which make its secure and delicate clasp.

  • Oprah Lives Worldly!

    The Live Brazilian Chile and Salt Pendant Necklace was featured on Oprah’s Great Buys of the Week! Be sure to check out all of our Brazilian Pendant Necklaces.




  • Living Live Video: NEON

    In case you missed yesterday’s blog post, be sure to check out our Look of the Week: Neon to get bright style ideas on how to wear this summer’s hottest colors. For even more tips, watch the Living Live segment below as our our Style Eye, Tira, shows you how to mix and match neon pieces and accessories to make them work just for you!

  • Live Worldly Featured in the New York Post Fashion Pulse

    Check out our newest products from Brazil featured in the New York Post’s Brazilian Tropical Fashion Photo Gallery

    Look out, Gisele! Now you, too, can turn up the heat in these vibrant tropical fashions inspired by the supermodel’s home country.

    Live Brazilian Beleza Necklace in Neon







    Live Brazilian Linda Necklace









    Live Brazilian Decenario Necklaces

  • Live Bolivian Fringe Belt Featured in Lucky Magazine!

    Looking for a fun belt to spice up your summer outfit?  Lucky Magazine selected the Live Bolivian Fringe Belt as a “charmingly exotic accessory.



  • Trace Ayala sporting a black Brazilet

    Trace Ayala, co-founder with Justin Timberlake of the brand William Rast, seen here at a party with his black Brazilet.

  • Brazil's RG VOGUE features Brazilets

  • People Style Watch Loves Live Tibetan Prayer Beads!

    People Style Watch selected the Live Tibetan Prayer Bead Bracelets as their Green Buy of the Month! The colorful bracelets are a planet-friendly way to be stylish. Not only are they made from all-natural materials but a portion of proceeds is donated to Challenge 21 and Water For People, which work together to bring clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to developing countries.

  • Live Worldly in Fitness Magazine

    Fitness Magazine September Issue, pg. 26

  • Live Worldly in Seventeen Magazine

    Get Cute Jewelry from All Over the World!

    One of the most exciting parts of fashion is when you can explore new cultures, beliefs, and traditions, all while putting together an amazing outfit! Live Worldly brings together fun, unique pieces that would be a perfect addition to your back-to-school wardrobe. Celebs like Kristen Stewart and Lauren Conrad are huge fans of the collection!

    Best of all, it’s for an awesome cause. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes to a charity in the country the jewelry is from! Some of the pieces can be a little pricey, but the Live Brazilian bracelets shown here are only $8 to $10, and we’re completely obsessed with them. Loading your arm with bangles is still one of our favorite accessory trends, and these are an awesome addition to our collection! Plus, the smaller bracelets are supposed to make three wishes come true when they fall off… maybe your crush will finally profess his love to you this year!

    Which Live Worldly country’s jewelry are you most in love with? Sound off in the comments!

    Seventeen “Get Cute Jewelry from All Over the World”

  • Live Worldly - Retail me not insider

    Live Worldly has a wonderful selection of gifts from around the globe, many of which have a local charity component. Brazilets ($5–$8) are cute ribbons available in different colors and messages. They come with a paper disk, in which you can write three wishes, and can be wrapped around your wrist, ankle, bedpost or a tree—wherever. The wearer ties the ribbon in three recommended knots and makes one wish per knot. The fabric will eventually wear down, and according to company lore, that is when the three wishes will come true.

    If you’d like to give Brazilets to multiple people, try the Summer Wish Pack ($25). You’ll receive six Brazilets for the price of five, and there’s also the Girl Power Wish Pack ($35) containing eight Brazilets.

  • Live Worldly on The 10! Show

    View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

  • Live Worldly in ColoradoBuzz

    After starting with Brazilets - prayer bracelets from Brazil - Kael Robinson has continued to combine social consciousness and entrepreneurship via her importer Live Worldly, which changed its moniker from Live Brazilian after a Wall Street Journal article last October generated inquiries from all over the world.

    Today she imports 100 different products (mostly jewelry and fashion accessories) from 30 countries and gives a portion of the sales in the form of
charitable donations to nonprofits in the countries of origin.
    “Our main goals are to make people aware of global issues and bring different cultures to the U.S.,” she says. Among Live Worldly’s big hits are Decenarios, Brazilian bracelets imbued with different meanings based on their hue ($5 retail); Sorte Necklaces, also from Brazil, featuring two amulets that are said to bring the wearer good luck ($24 to $60); and Love In India string bracelets, recently spotted on Julia Roberts’ wrist
in “Eat, Pray, Love.” ($5).

    ColoradoBiz “Colorado Cool Stuff”

  • Product Pasha “Helping Luck Along with Decenarios”

    Lately, everywhere I look I seem to see a Decenarios, the super cute Brazilian bracelet that follows a long tradition of rosary-like accessories. In other words, not only are they cute as all get out, they also promise (or so goes the legend) the realization of 3 wishes when the bracelet falls off! Read More…

  • USweekly-Must-Have Green Gear

    USWeekly features Brazilets.com in its Green Gear section. Lauren Conrad shown here sporting an orange colored Brazilet. Great to have recognition not just for fashion, but for Brazilets’ mission of helping preserve the place where Brazilets come from-Amazonian Brazil!

  • couples that wish together, stay together!

    Kyle Howard and girlfriend Lauren Conrad seen here together at the beach, each with different colored Brazilets!

  • LAUREN CONRAD!! wearing Brazilets

    Lauren Conrad, star of MTV’s “The Hills”, fashionista, and overall superstar, is wearing the Mango color Brazilet!

  • Brazilets on TV!

    This morning’s NBC’s The TODAY Show featured Brazilets as a hot, affordable, global trend. The hosts spoke of Brazilets’ commitment to give a portion of all proceeds back to help conserve Amazonian rainforest.


    March 9th, 2009 edition
    STAR Magazine chose Brazilets as their PICK OF THE WEEK —Stacey Keibler in photo

  • Camille Belle wearing Brazilets

    Camille Belle, Brazilian-American, is suddenly everywhere..and everywhere she is, she’s wearing a Brazilet! She was in 10.000BC, When a Stranger calls, she’s the face of Vera Wang’s new scent “Princess”, and she’s starring in the new thriller “Push”. check out more photos from GQs shoot here

  • Brooklyn Decker at Super Bowl '09

    Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker kisses a light pink Brazilet

  • Miss America!!

    Katie Stam (Miss America 2009!) excited about her purple Brazilet to match her dress!

  • Katie Couric interviewing Lil Wayne

    Katie Couric interviewing Lil Wayne

  • Sports Illustrated

    Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition supermodels sport Brazilets in their Brazilian shoot.

  • Rodney Harrison (Safety for the Patriots)

    Rodney is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, a two time Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots, and the only player in NFL history to record both 30 sacks and 30 interceptions! He still has more wishes..

  • Susan Serandon and Tim Robbins at Grammys

    Notice the red Brazilet on Serandon’s wrist!

  • Stacie Keibler with new Brazilet

    Stacie is an actress and model. She’s been on Dancing with the Stars, in Stuff and Maxim Magazines, etc.


    Lindsay Lohan in ELLE wearing several Brazilets

  • Cosmo Girl

    Brazilets featured in Cosmo Girl fall ’08 issue.