What a day!!!

It started off with a two hour bus ride to a school called Boqueron K’asa. It was in Tiraque Municipality. As we walked in there were about 60 children eating their breakfast. There was one child we saw that struck a chord in our hearts. He was probably about two years old and had chapped cheeks and a tiger hat on. These children walk anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour to come to this school. Thanks to Water For People these children have a new septic system, safe drinking water and toilets that work.

From this school we went on to have a traditional lunch in Tiraque. We ate steak, potatoes, Habas beans and really salty cheese. It was a great family meal with all 18 of us.

We walked after lunch to the Mayor’s office to hear the right hand man of the Mayor speak and the head of the water committee tell us how thankful he was for everything that Water For People has done for them.

We went on to one of our favorite parts of the trip, visiting a municipality called Sacsa Arani. We were greeted by the whole municipality. They were having their inauguration for their water system. We are received lays made of real flowers that smelled like oranges and plaques with our names and their appreciation for our support. We also were given another meal with meat rice and potatoes, along with a full piece of bread hand made that was the size of a pizza. They were the most gracious people we have ever met. We then danced and drank Chicha. (hilarious video to follow of everyone dancing)

We then transferred an hour to our hotel which was four to a room. (it felt like we were camping) We were given our 5th meal of the day…which was actually my favorite, even though it was the staples again, veggies, chicken, rice an potatoes with a dessert that was bananas caramel and yogurt. (it was absolutely amazing)