What a day…literally went bus, boat, boat, boat, bus, bus, bus…to get to Puno, Peru.

We started off the day around 5am to be picked up to get on a bus to go to Lake Titicaca and Isla Del Sol.

At sunrise we took the bat 2 hours to Isla Del Sol to go to a temple built in 500 AD. It was incredible to see something still standing that was so old.

We then climbed about 100 stairs to see a medicinal garden, a shaman that did an offering in front of us to mother earth and then carried on to see woman weaving, men that make boats from 100 years ago that still are around today.

A big surprise we got soon after seeing this was we got to ride on an actual boat made like this….so fun!

The day continued on to a great lunch on our boat and a long drive to the border of Bolivia and Peru. We passed famous churches and markets and then literally walked into Peru immigration. I felt like migrating into another country by walking through a stone under pass.
We then got on a bus to Puno which took about 3 hours. On the way we saw small villages the whole way and the milky way so clear it felt you could see every star.
It followed with a great dinner and bed around 9:30pm.
Great day filled with many more details…