Have you ever ridden a train for 12 hours across a country? Well now you have.
Yesterday we took a train from Puno, Peru to Cusco, Peru. It was quite an adventure. It was like we were back in time 80 years. The train cars had these nice big chairs with dining tables that had white table cloths, little lamps and flowers on every table. We had personal waiters and waitresses that served everyone at the same time….it was so civilized and refreshingly different.
We passed the Andes Mountains and saw small villages so far away from the modern world. I kept feeling like I was in another decade.
The train had dancers in the back car serving Pisco Sours. The back car was the bar car and it was open air so you could feel the breeze as you chugged along the country side. It was another incredible experience. I have to say that I kept thinking how lucky I was so be having this experience that not many people get to have in their life.
We finally made it to Cusco…what a great town filled with many tourists, great hotels, shopping and restaurants.
I Wish I could stay longer to experience more of what the city has to offer.
Off to Machu Pichu tomorrow….Can’t wait to see it and check that one off the bucket list!