Of all the days here in South America this has to be one of the best…..actually it might be one of the most memorable in our lives.
We took a train 3 hours through the mountains, beside a river, through villages to Machu Pichu. Then hopped on a thirty minute bus ride up the mountain to the entrance of Machu Pichu. It is so incredible there aren’t words that can even describe it. The whole way up the mountain and going along the river you can not see the city of Machu Pichu.
As we walked in through the gates we actually saw someone being taken out on a stretcher. We asked the people behind us what happened and apparently she had fallen 90 feet into the bushes off the top of one of the sides of the city. They said that the bushes had saved her life. Soon after that our guide, Percy told us that two people had died on Machu Pichu by falling. If you saw how steep the city was and where it was built you would understand why these people had fallen.
The detail and thought put into this town was so extreme we can’t and don’t even do this today. They took the natural massive rocks and literally built temples and buildings around what they had. There was the most intricate detail put into carving these rocks into door ways, homes, temples, water systems, caves, symbols of their culture, sun dials and windows. It literally can not be described. It took about three hours to go through the entire city. You almost wish you could live there to understand their lives. I guess it took them 100 years to build the city and they were not even finished when the Incas disappeared from Machu Pichu.
We then hiked down after going to the top of the mountain and took another bus to the markets where we saw typical Peruvian designed bags, tapestries and more crafts.





We then took the train back to Cusco which took another 3 hours and finally arrived back at our hotel around 10ish after a great dinner stopping at the Fallen Angel.
Get to ready to leave at 6am tomorrow for Lima!! Last stop in South America.