Women, listen up. Next month is all about Breast Cancer Awareness, so don your pink proudly. With countless organizations joining the worldwide fight, fashion meets travel meets culture company, Live Worldly makes its way into the ring. Already partnered with a number of non-profits across the globe and no stranger to charitable giving, the company is proud to be a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, alongside women from all backgrounds from all over the world. To show their enthusiasm and to build upon the already high awareness, Live Worldly is showcasing some of their best selling and favorite pink products to be available for purchase with 10 percent of the profits going towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation - all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness. Women should always highlight their best features- their creativity, their spirit, their courage.

Worn by a crowd of celebs from style-icon Lauren Conrad to actress Camille Belle to Katie Couric, the trendy, rainbow-colored bracelets from Brazil known as Brazilets were Live Worldly founder and owner Kael Robinson’s first product.  From then, a much larger company emerged with an array of products including scarves, hats, bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry and decorative household items from over 30 countries around the globe. Live Worldly feels that a woman cannot be defined in a single style or fashion trend, but instead defined by her spirit. Each of their products is handpicked and manufactured in the country from which it boasts its rich culture. A portion of the proceeds then goes to a partner charity from the product’s country of origin. For the month of October, hand-selected products from several collections in the trademarked Breast Cancer Awareness pink will include products from their website, www.liveworldly.com, such as the bestselling Brazilets in a variety of pink shades. As well, a featured partnership will be included from iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg with her signature DVF Brazilets with the phrases ‘Be the Woman You Want to Be’ and ‘Love is Life.’

Here’s to a life full of inspiration, beauty, intrigue, compassion and hope. When these attributes come together they have the power to transform the world. It’s this belief that lies at the heart of the company’s philosophy. Be a part of something bigger. Live Worldly.