Costa Rica

La Tortuga Felíz: Volunteer in what is known as the Amazon of Costa Rica in the lush mangroves accessible only by motorboat for La Tortuga Felíz, a conservation program to protect sea turtles.  Run solely by volunteers, the contribution and participation of volunteers helps to fund the conservation of these glorious animals.  Poachers, fishing nets, pollution and other threats are the cause of an alarming decline in turtles hatching on this Caribbean beach.  In particular the 9 km section of beach covered by the volunteer turtle conservation program is in danger.  La Tortuga Felíz is an affordable volunteer program and an absolutely unforgettable experience.  To learn more about volunteering, please visit La Tortuga's website

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Volunteer in Sydney

The Sydney Living Museums Volunteer Programs: Volunteer in one of 12 interactive museums in Sydney, where volunteers are the heart, soul, and backbone of Sydney Living Museums.  Choose from a variety of unique volunteer opportunities, such as a guide to visitors of the museums,  community ambassador for speaking engagements, event volunteers, or as a special events volunteer.  Special events volunteers can work with specialists on a variety of projects, such as exhibition and archival research, gardening, writing, embroidery and conservation. To check out current volunteer opportunities with The Sydney Living Museums and for more information, click here

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Volunteer in the city of Nairobi

Shining Hope for Communities: Get the chance to be a part of a super unique opportunity as a volunteer for SHOFCO at the Kibera School for Girls in Nairobi.  As a volunteer, you will help run the Summer Institute Program through tutoring and leading workshops in activities such as yoga, soccer, poetry writing, public speaking, etc.  This program is geared for college students and recent graduates, perfect for those who are looking for international teaching experience.  Build lasting relationships and serve as a mentor to empower the young women at the Kibera Schools.  For more information and to apply for the Summer Institute, click here


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Volunteer in the city of Medellín, Colombia

Fundación Poder Joven: A non-profit consisting of local university students working to provide hope and better opportunities to children in Medellín, this organization works with kids who live in a part of the city where armed conflict, begging, and drugs are a part of daily life.  The organization provides programs for children in the community to be fed, receive educational help, and give a safe place for the children to play.  As a volunteer, you will be involved in running after school programs and activities for the children.  Fudación Poder Joven does not provide housing, but does offers free lunches to the volunteers daily.  Spanish fluency preferred.  For more information visit their website at


Volunteer in the city of San Gil, Colombia

Foundation for the Integral Development of Children: The Foundation for the Integral Development of Children, Youth and Family-FESCO, is a civil society organization that seeks to create psycho-social conditions for human development and the promotion, recognition, respect and defend the rights of children, youth and families from health and education programs.  The organization not only works in foster homes, but also in special programs with families and sustainability in urban communities.  To learn more about volunteering and to contact, visit them at their website at 


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Volunteer in the city of Siena

Villaggio Inglese: This program in the countryside of Italy also means "English Village" and is an intense English program that invites native speakers to come and lend their knowledge to locals while staying in an Italian villa.  The program brings together native English speaker and Italians wanting to improve their language skills in an intensive week-long program where English-only rules are strictly enforced.  The perks- gaining language teaching experience, exchanging cultural nuances, and being put up in a gorgeous Italian countryside villa.  

Volunteer in the city of Rome

Emergency: Volunteer your time and abilities for this NGO that provides free medical and surgical care for the victims of war and poverty.  Emergency promotes a culture of peace, solidarity, and human rights for all.  From its inception to its present day, Emergency has treated over 6 million people in 16 different countries.  Make a difference as a volunteer by utilizing your skills and abilities, whether that is in the medical realm or through fundraising at the Emergency offices in Rome and Milan.  Email them with questions at or check out their website for more information  at

Volunteer in the city of Florence

Meyer Children's Hospital: One of the first hospitals in Italy devoted to pediatric care, Meyer hospital has become an integral part of the Florence community. Because of its status within the city, Meyer offers volunteer opportunities at one of the many organizations that operate inside the hospital. For example, A.B.I.O. is an association that helps children in hospitals; AIL's mission is to combat leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma; and Archè is an organization that provides assistance to minorities suffering from HIV or AIDS. The Italian Red Cross is also an organization that accepts volunteers through Meyer. For details, see, go to viale Pieraccini 24 (Florence) 

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Volunteer on the island of Ometepe

The Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Organization: The Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association builds bridges of friendship between Bainbridge Island in Washington State and Ometepe island in Nicaragua.  For more than 25 years, Bainbridge Association has built schools and water systems together, learned each others languages and customs, and built a relationship.  Their purpose is to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the residents of Ometepe Island and Bainbridge Island through peaceful exchanges of all sorts.  Learn more about how you can get involved with this association here:

Volunteer in San Juan del Sur

Escuela Adelante:  The program is a 2 year English language course taught in congruence with the ESL course at UPOLI (Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua) with books sourced from the Oxford University Press.  The school is accessible and has a locally tailored fee structure to establish a sense of worth to the program but without prohibiting attendance from any eager local student.  The course is a supplemental program, meaning that students attend their primary local school in the morning and Escuela Adelante’s as an after school program.  There are currently over 40 students enrolled, aged from 6 to 11. If you're interested in getting involved with Escuela Adelante as a volunteer or educator, inquire more here at!get_involved/c8k2


Volunteer in Granada

La Esperanza Granada: A non-profit that provides education for the poverty-stricken children in the city of Granada.  Started in 2002, this organization gathers volunteers and places them in schools to assist teachers, tutor in English, run sports programs, and teach technology to Nicaraguan children.  The mission of La Esperanza is to empower and enrich the lives of the children-the future of Nicaragua.  La Esperanza accepts volunteers year-round to work  in a variety of positions, such as classroom assistant, primary school English teacher, home improvement volunteer, handyman, or as a fundraising volunteer.  They ask volunteers to commit to 4-5 hours a week, 5 days a week and for a minimum of 4 weeks.  Choose to stay in hostel-style accommodations or with a homestay family.  Apply today to volunteer with La Esperanza and use your talent to impact the lives and education of children in Nicaragua. 

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Volunteer on the Island of Lombok

Foundation Peduli Anak is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 in Netherlands and Indonesia.   Peduli Anak provides street children, and underprivileged children in Indonesia with shelter, education, medical support, and family care programs. It is the largest child development center on the island of Lombok. They are equip with 3 children’s homes, a primary-junior high school, a vocational school, a cooking facility, recreational areas, and a health clinic.

Mission:  “Fight for the rights of underprivileged children in Indonesia by providing education, residential care, family care and medical and legal aid.” –


Volunteer in the CIty of Ubud

Friends for Asia: You'll instantly be charmed by the beauty of the island and kindness of its people in Ubud.  Friends for Asia works throughout the continent pairing volunteers with a variety of their projects.  Choose from working with their Bali Teaching Program or Children with Disabilities program-both based in Ubud.  Behind the luxury and resorts of Ubud, you can truly experience the city by taking the time to interact with the people through volunteer programs.  Currently over 200,000 people live below the poverty line in Bali, so you would truly be making a difference by volunteering with Friends for Asia.  You can make a difference by teaching English classes to the kids in the Balinese schools or by spending time with disabled children in a group home.  Check out more here at: 

Volunteer in the City of Yogyakarta

Wildlife Rescue Center: Due to the rapid growth in Indonesia, the rainforests are quickly being destroyed and hundreds of orangutans are losing their homes.  The Wildlife Center is not a zoo, but rather a place of rehabilitation for these great apes that once were under illegal ownership.  As a volunteer you will participate in educating locals and visitors about the dangers that these orangutans already face.  You'll also get your hands a bit dirty cleaning cages and feeding the orangutans.  Talk about a hands on experience indeed.  Do something meaningful during your time in Indonesia and find a unique way to experience the wonderful culture. 

Volunteer in the City of Jakarta

Pak Orphanage Project: The orphanage situated in Jakarta offers space for up to 53 orphans with supervisors, security, cooks, and volunteers.  Pak Orphanage Project seeks to provide a safe, comfortable place for kids from all backgrounds to come receive food, education, and love.  Volunteers for Pak spend 5 days a week with the orphans by helping to get them dressed, with schoolwork, accompany them to school, and organize leisure activities.  The purpose of international volunteers at the Pak Orphanage Project is to teach the orphans about other cultures and countries.  Volunteers lodge and eat at the orphanage as well.  Check out here for more information at 

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Volunteer on the island of Flores

Animal Care Center: Guatemala is known for having some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful creatures, and what better way to experience them by volunteering to work with them?  Most of the animals in the center were rescued from illegal trafficking and may have experience abuse.  As a volunteer you will feed animals, clean cages, build and maintain trails, as well as gather and research exotic, local foods for the animals.  The center is located about 10 minutes from the center of Flores, next to the local zoo.  A minimum of 1 week commitment and basic Spanish skill level is required.  For more information visit


Volunteer in the city of Antigua

Safe Passage: A US based non-profit with a passion for empowering the poor and at-risk community in Guatemala, Safe Passage offers a variety of programs to the community that include early education, adult literacy, and nutrition and health.  Serve as a tutor, English teacher, or early educator.  Truly make an impact while getting to know another culture and the beautiful people of Guatemala.  Learn more here at


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Volunteer in the city of Pai

PermaPai Project: This community project seeks to change the genetically modified, monoculture of rice fields in Pai into a diverse permaculture food forest that can supply surplus food.  These environmentally- conscious pioneers in Pai “aim to establish a community food forest, natural building and food bank to promote ecologically-friendly practices in the area”.  If you feel passionate about restoring the earth and working with your hands, the PermaPai Project could be a perfect fit for your volunteering desires.  This is not an experience for the pampered and spoiled, there is no electricity or showers available for volunteers and they ask for a minimum of 10 day of service.!volunteerwithus/c1wln

Volunteer in the city of Chiang Mai

Friends for Asia: With projects in Bali, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam- Friends for Asia places volunteers in group projects that focus on community development and cultural enrichment.  Their projects for volunteers in Chiang Mai include working with rescued elephants at a reservation, children at an HIV orphanage, or shadowing Thai doctors as medical interns in a private hospitals.  Friends for Asia offers a unique ‘voluntourism’ experience for off the beaten path travelers.  Check them out at

Volunteer in the city of Bangkok

Goodwill Group Foundation: Originally an English school for Thai women, the organization now offers training and support for disadvantaged local women.  The Goodwill Group Foundation does some very important work offering language classes, career services, and mentoring to women in a society where sex trafficking is quite popular and alluring.  The Goodwill Group relies heavily on the help of volunteer, which the ask to commit to at least 4 months of service- mainly as English and computer teachers. FInd out more at


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Volunteer in the city of Bilbao

The Guggenheim: Volunteer for one of the most renowned museums in the entire world, known for its unique architectural structure that challenges traditional ideas of architecture.  Become a part of the art community in Bilbao, a highly intelligent and respected group, by making art available to the general public.  Volunteer as a docent for museum events, conferences, community reach out, and much more.  This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to get involved in the Basque community.  Learn more at

Volunteer in the city of Seville

Fundación Gota de Leche: Volunteer with this unique organization in Seville that provides meals for underprivileged kids so that they can receive the nutrients needed to excel in school and life.  The organization got it’s name Gotas de Leche (drops of milk) due to the concept of infants needing breast milk to receive vital nutrients for proper growth.  Become a volunteer and help prepare breakfast for the children of Seville.

Volunteer in the city of San Sebastián

Association of Professionals and Businesses of Gipuzkoa: A non-profit based in San Sebastián, “Aspegi” seeks to promote economic, labor, and social rights for men and women in the Basque country.  The non-profit’s initiatives work to integrate women into the business world.  Aspegi offers the Mprende + 21 Entrepreneurship Program for women looking to pitch potential business ideas.  Learn more about volunteering for Aspegi at  

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Volunteer in the city of Kolkata

Pratham: One of the largest NGOs and education movements  in India, Pratham offers various programs in the Indian state of West Bengal.  The organization seeks to address the persistent problems of illiteracy, poverty, women’s education, and child labor within India. Become a part of something bigger and volunteer with the reading program in Kolkata, check them out for more information at

Women’s Interlink Foundation: With a focus in providing development programs for women and children’s rights, WIF based in Kolkata has a focus on working with the issue of human trafficking in India.  As you probably already know, this is a prevalent problem within the country and volunteering with WIF would truly be a rewarding, life-altering experience.

Volunteer in the city of Udaipur

D.A.A.N. Foundation (Development Action Awareness Nationwide): A non-profit with the mission to elevate the youth of rural Udaipur through awareness and education.  The foundation has a variety of programs to volunteer with- a youth library and recreation center, pre-school program, after school program, organic garden, healthy meal program, HIV orphanage support program, and women’s empowerment program.  Homestay accommodations.

Volunteer in the city of Bangalore

Parikrma Humanity Foundation: The name Parikrma comes from Sanskrit, “pari” meaning circle and “krma” meaning to complete.  A foundation that seeks to reform education in India one child at a time, whose vision is to create a sustainable model of education for the underserved youth to transform their lives.  Parikrma in its 12th year, has 4 centers for learning and a junior college that serve children from the slums of Bangalore.  As a volunteer for Parikrma, you are not only assured to get lots of hugs from the adorable children in Bangalore, but also to serve as a positive international role model.  Find out more about volunteering at

Volunteer in the city of Jaipur

Smile Foundation: Working in the slums of Jaipur, the Smile Foundation is a charity organization offering many programmes from education to a mobile health clinic called Smile on Wheels.  The foundation’s vision is to “Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women, with a life-cycle approach of development”.  The Smile Foundation benefits over 300,000 underprivileged youth across 25 states in India.  Find about more about volunteering with them at

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Volunteer in the city of Mancora

Wasi Center: Improve your Spanish skills and volunteer for free with the Wasi Center teaching English, sports, or an activity of your choice.  A laid back, flexible environment where you can tailor your volunteer experience to your needs. Do a homestay with a local family in Mancora for an authentic experience and live like a local!  Check them out at    

Volunteer in the city of Cusco

Picaflor HouseJust a 30 minute drive outside of Cusco in Orpesa, is the outreach center that provides many resources to the children in this rural community.  They offer English classes, academic support, extracurricular activities, and various programs to kids in the Opresa.  A wonderful opportunity to volunteer for a charity, rather than a for-profit business.  Apply through Globalteer at

Peru Dog Rescue Centre: Peru is home to many stray dogs.  Help the community work on rehabilitating and finding home for these furry friends in Cusco. Volunteer hours are 1-5pm Monday through Friday-lots of time for sightseeing and Spanish classes.  The program provides accommodations options, one week of Spanish classes, and daily local transport.  Check them out at

Volunteer in the city of Arequipa

Intiwawa:  Intiwawa is an organization that fights poverty in the slums of Arequipa.  Mainly focusing on the small settlement, San Isidro, Intiwawa has been working since 2007 to improve education, nutrition and health, and social projects in the area.  Volunteers plan and execute projects of their choice throughout the year, and also participate in excursions and events for the children.  Volunteering with this program is completely free. 

Volunteer in the city of Lima

Santa Martha Foundation:  The “Casa Hogar Villa Martha” is a home for physically and emotionally abandoned children.  Activities include workshops (such as cooking, farming, crafts, etc.), tutoring, and maintenance of the Home.  Volunteers are also welcomed to create and implement their own projects.  This program requires zero fees.   Find out more information at:  

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