Volunteer in the city of Kolkata

Pratham: One of the largest NGOs and education movements  in India, Pratham offers various programs in the Indian state of West Bengal.  The organization seeks to address the persistent problems of illiteracy, poverty, women’s education, and child labor within India. Become a part of something bigger and volunteer with the reading program in Kolkata, check them out for more information at

Women’s Interlink Foundation: With a focus in providing development programs for women and children’s rights, WIF based in Kolkata has a focus on working with the issue of human trafficking in India.  As you probably already know, this is a prevalent problem within the country and volunteering with WIF would truly be a rewarding, life-altering experience.

Volunteer in the city of Udaipur

D.A.A.N. Foundation (Development Action Awareness Nationwide): A non-profit with the mission to elevate the youth of rural Udaipur through awareness and education.  The foundation has a variety of programs to volunteer with- a youth library and recreation center, pre-school program, after school program, organic garden, healthy meal program, HIV orphanage support program, and women’s empowerment program.  Homestay accommodations.

Volunteer in the city of Bangalore

Parikrma Humanity Foundation: The name Parikrma comes from Sanskrit, “pari” meaning circle and “krma” meaning to complete.  A foundation that seeks to reform education in India one child at a time, whose vision is to create a sustainable model of education for the underserved youth to transform their lives.  Parikrma in its 12th year, has 4 centers for learning and a junior college that serve children from the slums of Bangalore.  As a volunteer for Parikrma, you are not only assured to get lots of hugs from the adorable children in Bangalore, but also to serve as a positive international role model.  Find out more about volunteering at

Volunteer in the city of Jaipur

Smile Foundation: Working in the slums of Jaipur, the Smile Foundation is a charity organization offering many programmes from education to a mobile health clinic called Smile on Wheels.  The foundation’s vision is to “Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women, with a life-cycle approach of development”.  The Smile Foundation benefits over 300,000 underprivileged youth across 25 states in India.  Find about more about volunteering with them at

Posted on March 29, 2015 .