Volunteer in the city of Mancora

Wasi Center: Improve your Spanish skills and volunteer for free with the Wasi Center teaching English, sports, or an activity of your choice.  A laid back, flexible environment where you can tailor your volunteer experience to your needs. Do a homestay with a local family in Mancora for an authentic experience and live like a local!  Check them out at    

Volunteer in the city of Cusco

Picaflor HouseJust a 30 minute drive outside of Cusco in Orpesa, is the outreach center that provides many resources to the children in this rural community.  They offer English classes, academic support, extracurricular activities, and various programs to kids in the Opresa.  A wonderful opportunity to volunteer for a charity, rather than a for-profit business.  Apply through Globalteer at

Peru Dog Rescue Centre: Peru is home to many stray dogs.  Help the community work on rehabilitating and finding home for these furry friends in Cusco. Volunteer hours are 1-5pm Monday through Friday-lots of time for sightseeing and Spanish classes.  The program provides accommodations options, one week of Spanish classes, and daily local transport.  Check them out at

Volunteer in the city of Arequipa

Intiwawa:  Intiwawa is an organization that fights poverty in the slums of Arequipa.  Mainly focusing on the small settlement, San Isidro, Intiwawa has been working since 2007 to improve education, nutrition and health, and social projects in the area.  Volunteers plan and execute projects of their choice throughout the year, and also participate in excursions and events for the children.  Volunteering with this program is completely free. 

Volunteer in the city of Lima

Santa Martha Foundation:  The “Casa Hogar Villa Martha” is a home for physically and emotionally abandoned children.  Activities include workshops (such as cooking, farming, crafts, etc.), tutoring, and maintenance of the Home.  Volunteers are also welcomed to create and implement their own projects.  This program requires zero fees.   Find out more information at:  

Posted on March 29, 2015 .