Volunteer in the city of Bilbao

The Guggenheim: Volunteer for one of the most renowned museums in the entire world, known for its unique architectural structure that challenges traditional ideas of architecture.  Become a part of the art community in Bilbao, a highly intelligent and respected group, by making art available to the general public.  Volunteer as a docent for museum events, conferences, community reach out, and much more.  This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to get involved in the Basque community.  Learn more at

Volunteer in the city of Seville

Fundación Gota de Leche: Volunteer with this unique organization in Seville that provides meals for underprivileged kids so that they can receive the nutrients needed to excel in school and life.  The organization got it’s name Gotas de Leche (drops of milk) due to the concept of infants needing breast milk to receive vital nutrients for proper growth.  Become a volunteer and help prepare breakfast for the children of Seville.

Volunteer in the city of San Sebastián

Association of Professionals and Businesses of Gipuzkoa: A non-profit based in San Sebastián, “Aspegi” seeks to promote economic, labor, and social rights for men and women in the Basque country.  The non-profit’s initiatives work to integrate women into the business world.  Aspegi offers the Mprende + 21 Entrepreneurship Program for women looking to pitch potential business ideas.  Learn more about volunteering for Aspegi at  

Posted on March 29, 2015 .