Volunteer on the Island of Lombok

Foundation Peduli Anak is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 in Netherlands and Indonesia.   Peduli Anak provides street children, and underprivileged children in Indonesia with shelter, education, medical support, and family care programs. It is the largest child development center on the island of Lombok. They are equip with 3 children’s homes, a primary-junior high school, a vocational school, a cooking facility, recreational areas, and a health clinic.

Mission:  “Fight for the rights of underprivileged children in Indonesia by providing education, residential care, family care and medical and legal aid.” –


Volunteer in the CIty of Ubud

Friends for Asia: You'll instantly be charmed by the beauty of the island and kindness of its people in Ubud.  Friends for Asia works throughout the continent pairing volunteers with a variety of their projects.  Choose from working with their Bali Teaching Program or Children with Disabilities program-both based in Ubud.  Behind the luxury and resorts of Ubud, you can truly experience the city by taking the time to interact with the people through volunteer programs.  Currently over 200,000 people live below the poverty line in Bali, so you would truly be making a difference by volunteering with Friends for Asia.  You can make a difference by teaching English classes to the kids in the Balinese schools or by spending time with disabled children in a group home.  Check out more here at: 

Volunteer in the City of Yogyakarta

Wildlife Rescue Center: Due to the rapid growth in Indonesia, the rainforests are quickly being destroyed and hundreds of orangutans are losing their homes.  The Wildlife Center is not a zoo, but rather a place of rehabilitation for these great apes that once were under illegal ownership.  As a volunteer you will participate in educating locals and visitors about the dangers that these orangutans already face.  You'll also get your hands a bit dirty cleaning cages and feeding the orangutans.  Talk about a hands on experience indeed.  Do something meaningful during your time in Indonesia and find a unique way to experience the wonderful culture. 

Volunteer in the City of Jakarta

Pak Orphanage Project: The orphanage situated in Jakarta offers space for up to 53 orphans with supervisors, security, cooks, and volunteers.  Pak Orphanage Project seeks to provide a safe, comfortable place for kids from all backgrounds to come receive food, education, and love.  Volunteers for Pak spend 5 days a week with the orphans by helping to get them dressed, with schoolwork, accompany them to school, and organize leisure activities.  The purpose of international volunteers at the Pak Orphanage Project is to teach the orphans about other cultures and countries.  Volunteers lodge and eat at the orphanage as well.  Check out here for more information at 

Posted on June 2, 2015 .