Volunteer in the city of Siena

Villaggio Inglese: This program in the countryside of Italy also means "English Village" and is an intense English program that invites native speakers to come and lend their knowledge to locals while staying in an Italian villa.  The program brings together native English speaker and Italians wanting to improve their language skills in an intensive week-long program where English-only rules are strictly enforced.  The perks- gaining language teaching experience, exchanging cultural nuances, and being put up in a gorgeous Italian countryside villa.  

Volunteer in the city of Rome

Emergency: Volunteer your time and abilities for this NGO that provides free medical and surgical care for the victims of war and poverty.  Emergency promotes a culture of peace, solidarity, and human rights for all.  From its inception to its present day, Emergency has treated over 6 million people in 16 different countries.  Make a difference as a volunteer by utilizing your skills and abilities, whether that is in the medical realm or through fundraising at the Emergency offices in Rome and Milan.  Email them with questions at or check out their website for more information  at

Volunteer in the city of Florence

Meyer Children's Hospital: One of the first hospitals in Italy devoted to pediatric care, Meyer hospital has become an integral part of the Florence community. Because of its status within the city, Meyer offers volunteer opportunities at one of the many organizations that operate inside the hospital. For example, A.B.I.O. is an association that helps children in hospitals; AIL's mission is to combat leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma; and Archè is an organization that provides assistance to minorities suffering from HIV or AIDS. The Italian Red Cross is also an organization that accepts volunteers through Meyer. For details, see, go to viale Pieraccini 24 (Florence) 

Posted on August 13, 2015 .