Volunteer in the city of Medellín, Colombia

Fundación Poder Joven: A non-profit consisting of local university students working to provide hope and better opportunities to children in Medellín, this organization works with kids who live in a part of the city where armed conflict, begging, and drugs are a part of daily life.  The organization provides programs for children in the community to be fed, receive educational help, and give a safe place for the children to play.  As a volunteer, you will be involved in running after school programs and activities for the children.  Fudación Poder Joven does not provide housing, but does offers free lunches to the volunteers daily.  Spanish fluency preferred.  For more information visit their website at


Volunteer in the city of San Gil, Colombia

Foundation for the Integral Development of Children: The Foundation for the Integral Development of Children, Youth and Family-FESCO, is a civil society organization that seeks to create psycho-social conditions for human development and the promotion, recognition, respect and defend the rights of children, youth and families from health and education programs.  The organization not only works in foster homes, but also in special programs with families and sustainability in urban communities.  To learn more about volunteering and to contact, visit them at their website at 


Posted on September 13, 2015 .