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Worldly Wishes


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1. I wish that my all my blood, sweat and tears will finally pay off.

Carrie Chase

2. For my biological father not to disappear again.

At birth my mother was a young 17 year old. Her husband, just a few years older. Hard times were inevitable. Around 8 months of age, he left. There was never any type of explanation to myself on why he had gone.My mother just said that he was a bad guy, and he left us. A lot of the days I would wonder why he'd never tried harder to communicate with me. Why there weren't birthday cards. A simple "hello" written from a postcard. Anything. Because the influence of my mother and her view of him, he seemed like the bad guy. I wanted to hate him. I wanted to forget about him, and never look back. But I never couldfully get myself to 100% hate this man I've never met. I covered up my true emotions on him. Only just recently my biological dad's wife contacted me. She sent me a really heart felt letter, gushing about how my "father" misses me more every day. She explained his reasoning for leaving. I won't go into that, but lets just say I understand and 100% forgive him. He was ashamed of himself. Letting down his only blood offspring. We have since been talking through email. He seems like the type of person that I've always wanted him to be. He isdoing the best at getting to know who I am, and filling in the blanks of so many lost years. And now, I just wish that he won't disappear again.


3. I wish to be happy in my own skin and be more confident.

Michelle Winter

4. I wish for the war to end and world peace to begin.

Laura Senske

5. I wish I could make it on broadway.

Stephanie G

6. My wish came true when I least expected it. For months my brazilet was on so tightly that it showed no sign of ever coming off. Then, one morning I'm lying in bed and it just simply came untied. I wished for love and it happened with a man that I had no idea I could love the way I have. We met randomly through a mutual friend and at a NYC nightclub. Instantly, we were inseparable. Within weeks we moved in together and we still love each other! :)


7. When my daughter was 4 weeks old she started having seizures. at 8 weeks of age, she was diagnosed with a rare disease called tuberous sclerosis. the disease causes tumors to grow in her brain, heart, kidneys, eyes and skin. a few months ago, she has brain surgery to help control the seizures. we're still waiting to see if it was successful. in the meantime, she sees therapists every day so that she can learn the skills that most kids pick up on their own--communicating, holding a bottle. so my wish is this: "i wish that my beautiful 20-month old daughter will be seizure-free and learn how to say "mama and dada, i love you."

Anita Smith

8. I wish that I could wake up every morning knowing that there is no racism happening in the world. I wish we could all stand together in peace. I also wish that I can adopt a African baby boy.

Chuck Welti

9. Here is my list:

  • I wish for deeply passionate and honest love.

  • I wish for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  • I wish for positive people and opportunities to enter my life!!


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10. I wish I can get a great job.


11. Here is my list:

  • To do well on my GRE so I could get into a good Sociology program so I could contribute my knowledge to society.

  • To have my mom have good health. She works so hard to keep a family together on her own.

  • For Obama to create a social policy where everybody has a free cupcake.


12. I wish to live happily ever after.


13. To whom this may concern:

I have the wish that my husband will get granted permanent residency to this country this fall 2009. He is from Mexico and has been waiting to hear word from the authorities.
Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for a brazilet to help too! ;)

Ms. Lady Gonzalez

14. Not an exciting story, but . . . . I am a recently divorced mom with a 13 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. I'm trying to turn my passion and part -time career of photography into a full-time career that will allow me to support myself and two kids . . . and two cats and two dogs!

That is my wish.


15. I thought I must have tied the bracelet on wrong when it fell off so soon, but my wish to get pregnant came true that FIRST month!

Kerry, Boulder

16.  Dear Brazilets Company,

My name is Kaitlin and I have been doing gymnastics for 13 years. I train gymnastics 5 days a week, so as you see I'm pretty serious about it. While doing gymnastics my ankles got really bad so I had to get surgery on my ankle last summer and this past summer. My wish is that I can get all the way healed again and will be able to compete for LSU next year.



17. Here is my list:

  • I hope to meet my birth parents before they die. Just want to say thank you.

  • My eyes heal.

  • My son stays happy.


18. mzroz said...

I've had a difficult time finding and maintaining romantic relationships. I wish for deeply passionate and honest love.

I wish for my perseverance and preparation will lead to new professional opportunities.


19. Brazilets said...

My first wish was pretty stupid, I wished for a good dinner...and it came true the day I put my brazilet on. My second wish was for a snow day!!! My third wish was for school to go by faster!!!


20. Bill Jones said...

This story will sound fake, but is actually true! I must admit I was pretty skeptical when I first heard about the bracelets. I don't believe in fortune tellers...not even fortune cookies! Only the desperation of having been a fan of Philadelphia teams all my life brought me to give the bracelet a try. As it was tied around my wrist I wished that The Phillies would win the world series. I didn't really think about it after that, I would occasionally notice it in the shower but other than that I basically forgot about it. Then as the Philllies season went on I began to become more aware of it. The farther they got into the playoffs the more I thought about the bracelet and especially my big wish! When the Phillies finally won the World Series I was at the game and in the excitement of all the celebration I honestly didn't think once about the bracelet...The next day I tiredly woke up and went to work reliving the night before over and over in my head. It wasn't until I was eating lunch that I looked down and glanced upon my bare wrist. Where was the bracelet I thought??? When I got home I went upstairs and there in my shower was the bracelet lying right on the floor. Now I'm a believer!!

Bill T.

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21. Hi my name is Rachel, and I would very much like to receive a free brazilet.

Here is my wish:

I wish that life was simpler!

FYI.... we are 11th grade advisory, Essex Street Academy (public school on the LES of NYC)


22. Here is my list:

  • I wish to go to the college of my dreams.

  • I wish that everyone in our advisory could be happy.

  • I wish to become a super star on the bass guitar.


23. Here is my list:

  • Be able to go to college.

  • Have a good year.

  • My grades go up.


24. Here is my list:

  • Pass my classes.

  • Be able to get a good job.

  • My mom to win in court.


25. Here is my list:

  • Get a full scholarship to medical school.

  • Marry my sweetheart.

  • Help my mom financially.


26. Here is my list:

  • Do well on my SAT's.

  • Stay out of the principal's office.

  • My favorite teacher stays good.


27. Here is my list:

  • Those I love who are gone to rest in peace.

  • People could see in themselves how special they are.

  • My broken heart could be fixed


28. Here is my list:

  • For a truly inspired idea.

  • For good health for everyone.

  • To realize what specific kind of good I'm meant to do in the world.


29. Here is my list:

  • I wish that my friend's baby is healthy.

  • I wish my dog behaved better.

  • I wish my boyfriend's truck would stop breaking down!!!

Lindsay Newlin

30. Here is my list:

  • To do well on my tests and projects.

  • Stronger friendships.

  • To do well on my Spirit Day performance.

Mary Jeanne Chappell

31. My wishes on my first Brazilet (the cute light pink one), were for Love, A good future, and Peace.

  • I wish for my students to overcome the sadness of their loss of the state game and be proud of their accomplishments.

  • I wish that when I see a certain person I can have closure.

  • I wish I can go on an amazing european getaway.


32. Here is my list:

  • True Friendship

  • Love

  • Serenity


33. Here is my list:

  • For Johnny to realize that he's an amazing kid who could do amazing things if he just believed in himself

  • For my parents to not be so stressed about our family during this recession.

  • For Ellie, that she can learn to love herself and not be so worried about what others think so that her future relationships can be healthier than ours was.

Peace and Hope, HNR

34. Here is my list:

  • I wish for the safe return of the guy I am talking to.

  • I wish that I will accomplish great things in my career.

  • I wish for less stress and heartache in my family.

Jessica Perry

35. Here is my list:

  • I wish a handsome, cute, rich,& faithful boyfriend for my sister.

  • I wish my family to be economic stable again.

  • I wish all the world can be happy.


36. Here is my list:

  • That my dad stays safe while he is working in Iraq

  • That I get into the college of my dreams

  • That my good friend Brian stays safe in Afghanistan. He is serving in the Marines.

I hope that all of my wishes come true! I love brazilets!


37. Here is my list:

  • World Peace

  • Graduate with my Associates next semester.

  • Travel to California to visit my dads grave. It's been 5 years.

Willism Medina

38. My wishes are to one day be able 2 see my father and grandparent again who I haven't been able 2see for 6years

I wish the one day I will be able 2have a little girl who will love me and mend my broken heart

I wish that one day I will wake up happy and not just wish 2lie in bed and cry


39. Hi! i just saw your post on facebook, so i'm emailing you my wishes!
how many wishes?

My 1st wish is "health".
2nd is "peace"
3rd is "wealth"

thank you!


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40. I wish to find work in story development for children's films or find
something similar, so I can entertain and educate kids while sending a
positive message.

Caitlin Coons

41. Hello.
I read your post on facebook,
I don't know how this works, here's my wishes anyway!

"True love"
" wisdom"

do you need my address? do i need to do anything else?
please let me know if there's questions, or concerns.


42.  One of my wishes is to land my dream job. I just graduated college & am now on the search for my dream job. To me, this is a top priority in my life right now, & I've been working really hard to achieve it. Although it'll require some interning etc, I'm hoping my Brazilet will fall off in due time & my dream will become reality! The brazilet is a nice reminder on your arm of what I'm working towards.

RJ Kabra

43. Hi Brazilets!

My bracelet has just fallen off after a year of wearing it and I'm hoping my wishes come true :) they were: 1. To fall in love, 2. For my friends and family to be happy and 3. For the world to be a happier place. :)


Charlotte Nild

44. Here is my list:

  • World peace

  • Love

  • Heathy friends and family

Brett Medina

45. My wish is to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life (career wise)!

Katy Castillo

46.  My wishes!!

  • Change kids lives

  • Make people smile everyday (:

  • Peace,love,safety, & happiness for family & friends.


47. Dear Brazilets,

About a year ago I bought a brazilet & my good friend david just lost his job & was having a very hard time. One of my wishes was that david would find a good job to help him with his financial problems. About 6 months later he found a great job & is now able to get out of his financial slump. The brazilet worked!

Thanks so much.

Libby Castillo

48.  Here is my list:

  • I wish my friends and family accept me for who I am.

  • I wish we can keep our house.

  • I wish I find a profession that I would like to study for


49. I Wish to find the love of my life :)

Dina García Chapa

50. I had 2 Brazilets, and one broke off this Christmas. I had wished for happiness, love, and strength. I made it into a program to study in Sweden, my relationship is amazing, and I've never worked so hard to get through my new years resolution! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see what my purple Brazilet will bring... it's been on for over a year now!

Christie Richard

51.  Here is my list:

  • I wish my photography gets some recognition

  • I wish My mum gets a speedy recovery

  • I wish I meet my match very soon

Monica Rai

52. Here is my list:

  • I wish for positive major life changes by summer.

  • I wish for my mother to find happiness.

  • I wish to be successful in my career.

Nina Enehag

53.  Here is my list:

  • Go to medical school

  • Save the environment

  • See my grandmother again

Erin Irene Norah Gleeson

54.  3 Wishes for Bazilet....

  • I wish that we could catch up financially with our bills and start saving money.

  • I wish to have a happy healthy daughter. That we can make it through the RSV and stay healthy.

  • I wish that my boy friend would propose to me and we can get married and have a wonderful blessed life together!

Nicola Lupton

55. If by any chance we can choose the color of the brazilet I would love a FLAMINGO PINK one!! :) Thank you....


56. I put on two bracelets. Only one has come off so far and my wish came true!! I wished for my friend with brain cancer to get better, and at her last check up they said the tumor had shrunk!! Two days later, my bracelet fell off!!!!


57.  Here is my list:

  • I wish to be able to move to a nice home with some land and be able to take my elder mother with us.

  • I wish for both of my children to have a life of happiness.

  • I wish that my family and I could get together and go on a fun family vacation!

Frances Lupton

58. Dear Brazilets,

My wish come true was the chance to travel to Australia with my Boyfriend, in January he was offered a place out there playing Soccer and i am meeting him out there in May once i have finished University!


59. I have been making the same wish for 8 years now and it still hasnt come true :( I wish on stars, birthday candles...EVERYTHING!! im hoping that with one of your special brazilets it will come true. :)

My wish is that my parents would get back together, I know they still love eachother but through the pressures of life they were forced to seperate, I keep wishing that they will see the love that is still there before its too late...

Thank you so much!


60. I wish for my best friend's health in her battle with Cystic Fibrosis

I wish for her family's peace and happiness after the death of their youngest daughter, also a victim of Cystic Fibrosis

I wish for a happy and adventurous future with my boyfriend

Thanks so much Brazilets,


61.  My wishes:

  • healthy body inside and out

  • learn to love myself

  • to become financially stable

Daniel Walker

62. Here is my story:

I have been sick for the past 18 months. Everyday, all day long I suffer from vertigo and nausea. I have had many tests done but no one knows what exactly is wrong with me, however they believe that I probably have Labyrinthitis. For some people it will disappear completely, but for offers they will have it for the rest of their life. I am on the strongest medication there is but it doesn't help. I have ordered a Brazilet in Mango from the UK website and my wish is to get better. Just to wake up feeling normal. I will keep wishing until I do. If you are still offering a free Brazilet, then I would love one to give to a friend. If not, thanks for listening.

Carly Moltrasi

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