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Our Mission

Welcome to Live Worldly!

Our mission is to enable our customers (you!) to experience culture through fashion that gives back.

Live Worldly was founded on the principle that fashion goes beyond the aesthetic. It's a way to embrace cultures unfamiliar to us and to postively impact the lives of others, while enhancing our own.

The products you'll find in our global fashion marketplace come from around the world and all hold special meaning - for the wearer and the product's country of origin.

Watch this sexy video about our mission or read more about how we seek to make a difference below.

Our mission is grand but we believe wholeheartedly in our purpose. It's about living. We seek to make a difference by:

Creating a global fashion marketplace – a one stop shop to find new products from around the world and know that your purchase is making a difference

Connecting – Translating a passion for fashion into the power of connection. We celebrate the individuality of cultures and people while honoring power of the collective human spirit.

Giving back –We donate a portion of proceeds to a non-profit in each item’s country of origin

Sharing the stories of our vendors and their products – offering new perspectives and challenging perceptions

Stimulating the economy – providing sustainable jobs where the items are produced

Here's to a life full of inspiration, beauty, intrigue, compassion and hope. When these attributes come together they have the power to transform the world. It's this belief that lies at the heart of our company philosophy. Be a part of something bigger. Live Worldly.