Our mom’s are the most precious people on this planet, and they deserve more than just one day a year to celebrate how amazing they truly are. So this year let’s make the most of this special day, by giving our mom’s the best Mother’s Day yet! If you’re keeping track… Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th, less than two weeks away! Instead of getting your mom the stereotypical gift (IE: chocolate or flowers) why not surprise her with a gift designed especially for her? Not sure exactly how to step up your gift giving game? Not to worry, we’ve come up with FOUR great gifts specifically designed for four different types of amazing women.

Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace

Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace

The Earthy Mom: The Earthy Mom is a woman who is simplistic, eco-friendly, and down to earth. Is your mom a woman who is in touch with the earth and in tune with nature? Perhaps her favorite grocery store is Whole Foods, absolutely loves organic food, and has always tried to make you eat your green vegetables. Or maybe she thoroughly enjoys being outside, hiking, biking, or planting in the garden. Do any of these sound like your mom? If so, we recommend giving your mom the Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace or Bracelet. Made in Brazil, this fine mixture of natural and synthetic fibers in even proportions, results in strong as well as delicate jewelry in six different amazing colors. In an artwork that takes nearly a decade to master, skilled hands arrange the threads in a dance of color, transforming the fibers, seeds, polyester and neoprene into pieces of art. Each item is 100% handcrafted, made with all the richness of nature, using seeds of a Brazilian fruit called Acai, which make its secure and delicate clasp. These necklaces are made for the Earthy Moms.


Live Brazilian Infinity Bracelet

The Free Spirit: A free spirited woman is a woman not constrained by convention, she’s a nonconformist, moving where and how she pleases. She is free loving, accepting of everyone, and has the quintessential motherly heart. Nothing holds her back, she enjoys traveling the world while embracing new cultures and ideas. Maybe she loves yoga, and is focused on finding her inner peace. For the Free Spirit Mom, we chose the newest Infinity bracelet. It is worn to represent infinite possibilities without any limit while embodying the dynamic balance and rhythm between the past and the future. The pendant is inscribed with the Portuguese phrase “Que seja infinito…” or “That which is infinite…” Women who wear the elegant infinity bracelet do so to stay present while reminding themselves to dream big, and to continue to stay true to themselves.


Live Argentine Palermo Purse

The Trendy Mom: Is your mom on top of all the latest styles, the newest fashion trends for spring, and can name drop designers like its not big deal? Then your mom is trendy. Props to her. You shouldn’t cramp her style by buying something that is not trending this spring then should you? Absolutely not. And what’s hot this spring you ask? This Live Argentine Palermo Purse, available in a large and smaller size. The neon Palermo purse is one piece of arm candy you will not want to pass up! It is made of organic leather from Argentina and designed specifically for the trend setter.  Each piece is patiently handcrafted with carefully selected pieces of leather from free-range Argentina estancias (ranches) and finished at tanneries with strict environmental policies. The high quality of the material combined with a vast experience in leather craftsmanship results in a very beautiful and exclusive product combining functionality, quality and design. Trust me, your fashionista mama will be more than thrilled to receive this exquisite bag for Mother’s Day this year.


Live Tibetan Prayer Bead Bracelets

The Peace Keeper: Let’s face it, every one of our mom’s have played the peace keeper for us at one point in our lives. Whether it was between you and your siblings or you against the world, your mom has always been there for you, keeping the peace. Our favorite gift this year are the Live Tibetan Amethyst Prayer Bead Necklaces and Bracelets. Prayer Beads, also known as Mala Beads, are a sign of world peace and are meant to bring luck and protection to those who wear them. Prayer Bead bracelets are used for reciting Buddhist mantra and in many other cultures to center focus for prayer and meditation. Hold the beads in your left hand and rotate them clockwise as you recite a mantra. Smaller malas are used for doing prostrations as a means of purifying the five mental poisons of pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy, and desire. Give your peace keeping mother a helping hand this Mother’s Day with these beautifully hand crafted beads.