Thai Fishing BoatsThe different colored ribbons differentiate whose boat belongs to whom.

Thai Fishing Boats
The different colored ribbons differentiate whose boat belongs to whom.

Out of all the places I have traveled over the years, Thailand easily became my favorite. For three weeks I traveled throughout different cities and countrysides of this beautiful country, learning about their culture, beliefs, and ideals. What I saw changed my life. Here are just a few small snapshots of my amazing trip.


White Temple








Me and My Sister Jen


I traveled with my little sister, Jen. We’re pictured here in front of the Hill Tribe Villages. The people who live here are fully self sustainable. They make their own clothes and survive off of their own crops.





While we were at one of the villages we met a couple who had been married for nearly seventy years! They were in their late eighties, making hair pins and clothes from their own hands. IMG_8046

They married when they were fifteen, and started to create these beautiful handmade jewelry and clothes in order to support their growing family. For the past seventy years they’ve been working together to make these masterpieces.

While we were traveling through the city, we came across a white temple. Outside the temple was a wishing tree.

The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

Its a Thai tradition to hang the names of people who are important to you from the tree. When you’re hanging the names from the tree you make a wish for them. My sister and I wrote down the people we love most and hung it from the tree. It was such an amazing, bonding experience between us.

These are only some of the stories that inspired me to bring back the Live Thai Collection to Live Worldly. With every purchase you make from Live Thai, a percentage is donated to a non-profit Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Your purchase will help treat Asian Elephants for everything from illnesses, gunshot wounds, logging accidents and land mines.

Everyone welcomed us with opened arms, and were incredibly kind to us. Through this kindness we saw the heart of Thailand. We hope that their amazing spirit shines through our new collection. I’ll continue to share more incredible stories this month to celebrate Live Thai.