Live Worldly seeks to partner with organizations and artisans that are making a difference in their community. Along the way we have met some incredible people and heard amazing stories which we want to share with you in our “Meet the Artisan” series.

The jewelry production process“If people will like their work they will feel honor, they will get energy to be part of the mainstream society, and it helps to keep the cultural products of Jaipur alive.” - DEV Foundation Director

Shailendra, the founder of the DEV Foundation, was physically handicapped but has overcome many struggles through his education and hard work. In addition to graduating from college, he learned computer skills, how to drive, photography, and what he considers most important, he learned that life is “what you make of your own destiny.” After he made this discovery, Shailendra was inspired to support other unemployed men and women so that they too could become self-sufficient.

We selected this organization based on the quality of their jewelry and the honor of their mission. Located in Jaipur, Shailendra and his team make a variety of jewelry pieces in the famous style of the “Pink City” known for its precious stones, gold, jewels and art. Due to the increasing rise of unemployment in India, the Foundation brings people from different areas of India to receive training and gives them the opportunity to become self sufficient. Through the proceeds of the jewelry business, the Foundation provides food, medicine, clothing, and shelter to its artisans. As an officially registered government organization, the Foundation works on the concept of sustainable development and uses only the finest quality of jewels of Rajasthan.

The employees are men and women that were living on the streets or have been victims of domestic violence. Some of the women are widowed and unable to maintain financial independence so these skills enable them to become self sufficient. To date, the foundation has trained over 400 men and women to date with over 140 employees  on staff right now.

Watch this video to meet Shailendra, the founder of DEV Foundation and hear his appreciation for your support firsthand. You can also watch the jewelry production process from start to finish.