It’s that time of year again… the flowers are beginning to bloom through the melted snow and the days are getting longer. Yep, it’s officially Spring! Which of course means the dreaded task of Spring-cleaning. So when I woke up today and heard the birds chirping, I knew today was the day I was going to clean out my closet, put away my winter coats and make room for some new fun Spring attire.

As I stood looking at my daunting closet, I’d never been so upset to have a walk-in. I mean that thing was packed to the brim with copious amounts of unwanted and unneeded clothes. I began to go through each item, reminiscing of memories of where I bought it, with whom, and where I wore it (if I ever wore it). And just like that a light bulb popped into my head, I had a rather ingenious idea – I don’t need 75% of these winter clothes. I haven’t worn most of them in years; the majority of the jackets are all my old sorority zip up hoodies. I don’t think I need 12 Pi Beta Phi jackets to keep me warm anymore – but someone else could truly use them.

I began organizing all my clothes into piles. The first pile were the clothes that I absolutely love, the ones I wear at least once a week. The second pile were the items that I didn’t fit into but held onto because “one day I’ll be that small again”. Even though I try to pretend I’m still a size 2, alas I am not, nor will I ever be again. The third pile were clothes I hadn’t worn in months, or even years, but held onto for sentimental value. So I sat there staring at my perfectly organized clothing piles and decided – Keep the first pile, get rid of the second, and divide up the third into what I REALLY absolutely had to keep. Turns out, I didn’t need almost half my clothes… but what to do with them?

In years prior, I had given my little sisters my random hand-me-downs but now they’re away at college, and I’m not about to ship them clothes they probably will never wear either. But someone else would wear them, someone less fortunate than myself. I decided to Live Worldly in a small way. I contacted the Salvation Army and asked where I could drop off my clothes, and they told me that they could come and pick them up! So we scheduled a time next week when a Salvation truck will come by my apartment to take my clothes for people who really need them.

As tiny as this gesture is, it made me feel like I was doing something bigger than myself, and with no selfish motives. I was Living Worldly. So I urge all of you to take a look into your closet and ask yourself if you really need all those chunky sweaters, or 12 different zip up hoodies. You probably don’t. So while you shop the AMAZING Spring collection Live Worldly has to offer, make sure to make room in your closet by donating to someone else’s.

How are you Living Worldly today?

You can call the Salvation Army at 1-800-728-7825 to discuss a free pick up of your clothes or to find out the nearest drop bin location.