Generally as women, we all tend to be more critical of ourselves than we should be. Especially when it comes to our outward appearance. Quite frankly we’re insanely harsh on ourselves.

I am no exception. Yesterday my best friend e-mailed me with a subject titled “You Are More Beautiful Than You think…” I thought this must be some cheesy spam mail that Rachel was sending my way. When I hesitantly opened the e-mail, I saw that she had typed only one line saying, “You need to start seeing yourself as I see you, as the rest of the world sees you. Take this video to heart. Seriously.” Below was a link on YouTube entitled Dove Real Beauty Sketches with OVER 22,000,000 hits. I thought, well geez okay, there must be some merit to this…

As I watched the video I couldn’t help but see myself as these women, negatively portraying themselves, barely having a nice thing to say about their own looks. By the end of the video I was nearly in tears, goosebumps covering my entire body. Rarely am I ever moved into a state such as this, it takes A LOT to jostle some sort of emotion out of me. But this video shook me to my core.

I urge EVERY woman to watch this video, and to pass it on to the women in your life that you think should see how beautiful they truly are. We all need to stop putting ourselves down so frequently, start raising each other up, and begin to see ourselves as everyone else does… We are all more beautiful than we think.

Watch the video here:

Dove Real Beauty Sketches