This week I decided to choose one of the new bags for Spring. (Probably because I’ve needed a new bag for quite some time now, so I’m daydreaming about all the purses on Live Worldly.) But hands down, this is my new favorite purse I’ve seen in a long time. Ladies, (and gentlemen) I give you the Live Brazilian Maha Purse. I’ve always been a fan of animal print but I have never seen anything so cute made from cowhide before. This is such a unique find! And saying that I LOVE this over-the-shoulder bag would be an understatement. With a mix of cowgirl flare and sophistication, it can transform any dull outfit into a knockout. It’s so rustically chic that it would goes with just about anything. And I mean anything. You can wear it on a casual weekend rocking jean shorts and a crop top, on a date with a long maxi-dress, or even out on the town all dolled up in a bright red dress. It’s super versatile – tempting me to make it my new go-to bag.


Not only it this purse beautiful, but its extremely well made. It’s made from real cow leather, both chocolate brown and white cow print. A silver triangle magnetic clasp holds the purse together, and inside it’s lined with a cream, polka dotted material. The silver chain is 24 inches long, having the purse falling at the side of your hip.

A portion of the proceeds from the Live Brazilian Maha Purse are donated to the Plant a Billion Trees campaign, an unprecedented major restoration initiative launched by The Nature Conservancy in 2008 to restore Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

Not only can you have THE most fabulous bag I’ve seen this Spring, but you would also be contributing to planting more trees in Brazil. We all know our beautiful rain forests are more endangered than ever before - they need your help. Plus, trees produce oxygen (which is allowing you to breathe right now…) and the more trees the better. All around I think purchasing this bag could be the best thing you do all day, for both your clothes and your lungs. So don’t hold your breath, go make me insanely jealous, and buy this stunning bag.