Liveworldly-Lookbook-001We’re thrilled to announce the launch of newest Spring Collection! From the far-reaching expanses of a rural Kenyan village to a bustling Indian metropolis, we have hand-picked each piece in this line to bring a unique gift and be part of a greater collection. The line brings together 16 vendors from 11 countries. Eleven of these are women-owned businesses, one employs handicapped people in India to help them achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment, and another employs men and women from marginalized Kenyan communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Using suede, fringe, leather and lace, the look pairs basic pieces in subtle tones with bold accessories in vibrant colors. We wanted to create a look that was natural and grounded while incorporating unique and intricate accessories, like these gorgeous cuff bracelets from the desert region, Kutch Gujrat, in India. We traveled to Boulder, Colorado for our sunrise photo shoot where we had a great time capturing nature and lifestyle shots which you can see in the Spring Lookbook.

Live Worldly Spring Line

This is our first time creating a collection not around a country but rather a style. We created vision boards to curate all of the beautiful products that we have come across and pull the cohesive look together. While we are excited to share the Native Chic look with you, we are even more thrilled to tell the story of the vendors behind each of these products. From the women in Uganda creating paper bead necklaces in order to receive microfinance loans for their small businesses or the beautiful line of high quality Nicaraguan handbags patiently handcrafted by a team of artisans rescued from domestic abuse and selected for their artistic ability and desire to give back to the community, each piece and each person has a story. You’ll find more information below each of the items about the artisans that make the product and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing their individual stories and inspiration on our blog and social media.

We’d love to hear what you think about the line, the products and the people so send us your feedback! Leave a comment on the blog, post on our Facebook wall, tweet us or pin your favorites.