Live Worldly is so excited to have partnered with Yoga 213 in Australia! They just opened a brand new yoga studio in Victoria, Australia. This beautiful studio was founded by Sammy, who travelled to LA for a yoga teacher training with Steve Ross held at his Maha yoga studio in Santa Monica. Here she was taught Vinyasa, Hatha, Niyama Hot and Yin yoga. It was also here that she discovered the magical combination of music and yoga, which made her fall in love with everything that yoga had to offer. She believes that music and yoga is the perfect combination for a happy and relaxed life. With this new outlook on life, she went back to Australia and founded Yoga 213.


Sammy and four other instructors offer two different kinds of yoga – Chill and Hip Hop. In the Chill class they use a Vinyasa slow flow sequence. The music throughout the class varies from teacher to teacher although the focus will be around old school hip-hop, acoustic, folk and alternative. The music is set to a quieter beat with more focus on breath. The Hip Hop class class focuses on Vinyasa flow holding postures. This brings about inner strength and the pausing allows for a chance to listen to the music. The teacher will say very little and it’s more about feeling the music and


feeling your own body. This class works the entire body with an emphasis on arms, legs and core. The music throughout the class will range from old and new hip hop, pop and acoustic played loudly until the last 10 minutes where we turn the music down and start to relax.


If you’re a yogi like myself, go check them out and see what they’re all about! Congrats on your grand opening, Yoga 213! Namaste

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