Infinity Brazilets

The infinity symbol simply refers to something without limits. And according to ancient Indian beliefs, the infinity symbol also embodies perfection. The middle point on the figure eight represents the interlocking point where the two parallel, or opposite, sides balance each other out. This point in the middle represents the dynamic balance and rhythm between two opposite poles, or the past and the future. Normal human consciousness cannot quite comprehend endlessness, but the infinity symbol is a visual way of explaining the infinite nature of reality.

Throughout the years many different cultures and religions have taken on the infinity symbol to represent something unique for themselves. The concept of infinity has had many people attempt to decipher the concept in their own way. It can mean infinite possibilities for anyone.

Today the newest Infinity bracelet is worn to represent infinite possibilities without any limit. The pendant is inscribed with the Portuguese phrase “Que seja infinito…” or “That which is infinite…” The bracelets can be found in a rainbow of colors, or attached to a delicate silver or gold chain. You can wear the elegant infinity bracelet to stay present while reminding yourself to dream big.