South American Adventure: Day 3

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While science tells us that, “neon is a rare gaseous element, present in the atmosphere to the extent of 1 part per 65,000 of air,” and “is obtained by liquefaction of air and separation using fractional distillation,” style tells us that neon is a necessary element to our summer wardrobes.

While it’s traditionally used to make neon signs or combined with helium to make gas lasers, we think that neon as a concept of color makes amazing accessories and outfits!

We’ve taken some of our worldly accessories and showcased them in dynamic ways to help you breathe new and rare air into your warm-weather wears.

Having a hard time breaking down these bright neon fashion concepts? Well, here are three custom-styled looks that you can emulate in your ensembles!

First of all, don’t be afraid to mix, match and layer your neon colors. These hues never clash, and in the case of fashion, the more the merrier! Here we’ve taken our Live Australian Ringo Ruffle Dress in pink and layered on our bright, Live Brazilian Bela Fita Necklace and topped it off with the Live Argentine Camila Purse in fluorescent orange!

Neon on Neon on

Does all of this neon news have you feeling less than bright on the idea? It’s okay to take is slow! Use black, white or metallic as your outfit foundation and simply layer your neon accessories against it. Try adding our Brazilian Charm Bangles , Beleza Bracelets, or Live Indian Sira Fringe Necklace in neon pink to spice up your look!

black and neon

If you are feeling like you need your daily dose of neon, you should definitely consider carrying a neon handbag! Our Live Argentine Polermo Purse in pure neon or black with neon accents will brighten up every day and add pizazz to any look!

polermo purse

We see a lot of bright days in your future!

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